TVXQ Talks About Staying Together As Duo For 15 Years + What The Group Means To Them

As TVXQ approaches their 15th anniversary as a group, the two members opened up about their time together and how they had managed to stay together as a duo.

At the comeback showcase for their latest album “New Chapter #1: The Chance of Love” on March 28, Changmin and Yunho discussed what TVXQ meant to each of them.

Changmin remarked, “It wasn’t my dream to become a singer. But when they asked me to dance during my audition, and all I did was clap my hands to the beat, and I passed—I sensed at that moment that this was my destiny.”

“I didn’t go against my destiny, and I’m still working as a singer,” he went on. “I’m thankful for my destiny and consider it incredibly precious, because it’s a job that allows me to share positive emotions with many people. I’m glad that I was able to make many fans happy through that destiny, and I plan to continue with it.”

Yunho commented, “I think we’re past the point where it’s enough to say, ‘I’m a member of TVXQ.’ If you include our training period, I’ve spent more than half my life [with TVXQ]. I want to call it my home.”

When asked about the secret to staying together for 15 years, Yunho replied, “While it’s true that Changmin and I have different personalities, our values are the same. When I look at Changmin, I feel as though I’m looking into a mirror. Sometimes I see myself, sometimes I see something that I realize I should learn from him, and I feel that we need to move forward together.”

He continued, “Of course I occasionally get upset with him, but it’s not easy for someone to remain quietly and steadfastly by one’s side. As a friend with whom I’ve shared that kind of relationship up until now, I am very grateful for him.”

The two idols also talked about the difference between TVXQ in their twenties and TVXQ in their thirties. “If we have to express it in terms of colors,” said Yunho, “I think our color during our twenties was red. But while preparing this album, I think our color became white. I think we’ve developed the know-how to absorb many different colors like red, blue, and purple with white as a foundation.”

TVXQ is currently topping iTunes charts all across the globe with their latest album. The group is also preparing for their “TVXQ! Welcome Back Party: The Chance of Love” concert, which will be held at the Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul on May 5 and 6.

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