Watch: TVXQ’s Yunho And Henry Face Off In An Impromptu Arm Wrestling Match

On March 30, videos of an arm wrestling match between Henry and TVXQ’s Yunho were posted on the group’s official Instagram account.

The two idols happened to run into each other sometime in March at their agency, and Yunho commented that Henry looked more buff than before. Henry surprised Yunho by sitting down and silently challenged him to an arm wrestling match.

After briefly testing each other’s strength, Henry asked, “You’re going to use your strength right? You’re not going to go easy on me?” and Yunho responded, “Of course.”

Yunho won within seconds and Henry jumped up and said, “No,” repeatedly to the laughing crowd behind them. Henry protested, “You started too quickly!” Yunho replied, “Sorry, I didn’t know it had to be entertaining,” and got ready for another round.

Henry tried to explain, “I didn’t use my strength yet. I wasn’t being entertaining. I didn’t use any of my strength.” As they began their “real” match, the second clip ended.

The final clip revealed the winner of the “real” arm wrestling match.

Yunho won with ease once again. Henry said, “What do I do? I worked out for three months.” He continued, “I’m sorry. I thought I could do it.” Yunho said, “But your body is really big. I have them too,” and showed off his biceps that were hiding under his sweater.

Changmin could be seen excitedly filming the whole thing on his phone. He jokingly told Henry to go on his way, and Yunho went after him to give him a big hug.