Watch: PENTAGON’s Jinho Serenades Kino With Sweet Cover Of Maxwell’s “Whenever Wherever Whatever”

PENTAGON’s Jinho serves as Kino’s muse in a newly released video!

On March 31, PENTAGON shared a new video of Jinho and Kino hanging out together in the studio while Kino works on music. At the beginning of the clip, Kino asks Jinho, “Hyung, don’t just lie there and please help me! I need inspiration.” Jinho initially responds by joking around, but Kino implores him, “Sing a song for me, hyung.”

Jinho asks incredulously, “You’ll be able to write better music if I sing you a song?” Kino replies, “Of course! You’re supposed to listen to good music while trying to compose good music.”

In response, Jinho finally sits up and serenades Kino with a beautiful cover of Maxwell’s “Whenever Wherever Whatever,” commenting, “Doesn’t [this song] suit nighttime?”

Check out the video below!