8 Times Block B Went Out Of The Box With Their Concepts

Over the past seven years, Block B has blessed us with a variety of concepts throughout their comebacks. From their early gangster days to a more mainstream look, the members left their individual touch on everything as they stepped up their visual game, which can be largely perceived in their music videos.

In celebration of Block B’s seventh debut anniversary, here are eight times Block B went out of the box with their concepts!

1. “Very Good”

This early concept trademarks the group’s initial signature as badass thieves with a twisted sense of humor. The members are playful to the max as they engage in armed robbery and make a fashionable exit after bombing the bank.

While each member clearly has a vital part in the short scenario, the leader effortlessly catches our attention during the various changes of costumes. Zico, who produced the track, pulls every eccentric hairstyle and outfit and shows it off extravagantly, all while keeping his swag on.


2. “Her”

This song is one of Block B’s goofiest songs to date, and you won’t be able to stay seated once you hear the first seconds of the chorus. The scenery is really vibrant, and the boys are smitten as they vividly praise the girl of their dreams.

P.O particularly sticks out in this music video. The maknae’s fluorescent hot pink hair is definitely hard to pass by, and his charisma plays quite a noticeable role throughout the clip as well, especially during the detergent ad segment.


3. “Toy”

We have all experienced heartbreak at some point in our lives, which is graphically emphasized by the members in the music video. With the song hinting at a manipulative relationship, the message is crystal clear: treating your significant other like a toy will eventually break them.

Jaehyo’s soft vocals stand out as they beautifully compliment the song, and he passionately mirrors the feeling of being broken from the inside through his lines.


4. “My Zone”

Welcome to Block B’s zone, home of pure fun and sass! In this music video, the chill members invite us to their homey aura through a flavored performance, as they turn their party mode on and boast their harmony on stage.

U-Kwon, the smiling representative of Block B, dominates the scene with his slick moves and his pitch perfect vocals that he generously lends to the pre-chorus of the Japanese release.


5. “Yesterday”

In a successful attempt to adopt a retro style, Block B combine naivety and dubiety in a loose music video adaptation of the popular sitcom “Friends.” In the clip, they curiously speculate about the whereabouts of their girlfriend, who happens to be a common love interest.

The all-kill masterpiece was composed by the talented Park Kyung, whose touch can truly be felt in this special release, and his friendly impact in the music video is just as tangible as he summons his friends one by one.


6. “Shall We Dance”

How would you feel about going back in time? In this lit adaptation, the boys deliver a strong vintage hip hop feel while hosting a street dance showdown with a funky Latin vibe and a hyped up crew.

During his part, B-Bomb ornaments the song with his delicate voice, thus leaving his distinctive mark. Furthermore, he grants us a laid-back dance that he enthusiastically leads towards the end of the music video.


7. “Don’t Leave”

As they fervently put their heart’s content into this song, the boys look back on the end of a relationship and wish for things to go back the way they used to be. The sentimental song highlights yet another aspect of the members’ versatility when it comes to both their musical genre and their filming style.

It is no surprise that the powerful vocals of Taeil, Block B’s main vocalist, leave a heartwarming feeling within us as he serenades us with his honey voice.


8. “Be The Light”

When it comes to loving their fans, the devoted members equally portray their genuine feelings through their music. Block B and their fandom BBC (Block B Club) have been with each other since 2011, and they have overcome a lot of hardships together.

“Be The Light” was released as a thank you note from the boys to their fans for staying by their side when they stood up to their previous agency and eventually changed companies. You can sense the analogy in the video’s cinematic setting and melancholic lyrics as they plead BBC to keep being the light in their darkest moments.


Which Block B concept is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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