10 Reasons Why You Should Stop What You’re Doing And Stan PENTAGON Right Now

You’ve probably heard of PENTAGON, but you might not know much about them — which means that you’re missing out big time! The group is multi-talented, hilarious, and pure fun to watch. Basically, this is what it feels like to be a fan of PENTAGON:


So keep reading, and you’ll discover exactly why you absolutely need to stan them right now!

1. They’re talented AF

PENTAGON’s lineup is stacked with talented singers and rappers: just let this amazing a cappella version of their new (and highly catchy) single “Shine” convince you. The guys only make it through half of the video before devolving into pure goofiness — and unleashing their impressive live vocals. We guarantee you’ll be smiling!

2. They’re true artists

The boys of PENTAGON are more than just pretty faces with smooth voices and dance moves: they’re accomplished songwriters, choreographers, and artists. Leader Hui has a number of songwriting credits under his belt: he co-produced Wanna One’s hit “Energetic” as well as the “Produce 101 Season 2” song “Never.” He also co-composed PENTAGON’s own single “Like This” and penned the lyrics along with fellow members E’Dawn, Yuto, and Wooseok.

But Hui is not alone, as the rest of the members also play a huge part in the production of PENTAGON’s albums: an impressive number of the group’s songs are composed and written by members. And their artistry doesn’t even stop there, because member Kino has also taken part in choreographing for the group, including the gorgeous moves for “Like This.”

3. They’re 100% relatable

They’re a little quirky…


Easily excited…


And sometimes they are a little lost and confused:


But aren’t we all?

4. Their MV aesthetics are off the charts

As if the members’ handsome faces aren’t enough, PENTAGON’s music videos are delightfully aesthetic, from their bright and whimsical concepts:


To their more serious, deeper ones:

Every MV is a visual treat!

5. Their choreography is LIT

Of course, aesthetics often go hand-in-hand with choreography, and PENTAGON’s bold dances never fail to impress. With their explosive moves and boundless energy, these addicting choreos will have you hooked.


The best part of PENTAGON’s dancing is that they always throw themselves fully into the choreo, and look like they’re truly enjoying themselves:

6. They’re fantastic performers

It’s hard enough to nail tough K-pop choreographies while singing live, but PENTAGON takes things to the next level in their live performances, wowing us with their incredible stage presence. From their facial expressions to the cute interactions between members, the guys know how to light up a stage and make it their own.

Prepare to be amazed by the live vocals and infectious energy in this performance of “Shine”:

7. They’re super dorks

Besides being talented, this group is downright hilarious and lovable, and they’ll suck you in with their nonstop antics. This includes Jinho dancing like a weirdo:


Shinwon being afraid of small fluffy dogs:


Kino giving Yan An a hilarious makeover:

And all the guys just being their goofy selves in their own MVs:


8. But they also have so much swag

Just because they’re goofballs doesn’t mean the guys of PENTAGON can’t turn on the suaveness.


The group is also filled with budding fashionistas, and E’Dawn, Yan An, Wooseok, and Shinwon even walked the runway at the 2018 F/W Hera Seoul Fashion Week. Because nothing says “swag” like steely gazes and chic style.


9. They’re total sweethearts

The members’ love for each other is heartwarmingly tangible.


As is their love for their fans, who are called “Universe,” and to whom they even dedicated a song — which, of course, they helped compose and write.

10. They’re bound to put a smile on your face

Need to be cheered up? There’s plenty of PENTAGON content that will make your day.


Seriously, just watch this and try not to smile. We dare you.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go forth and stan! It’s a pretty tentastic ride.


What do you love about PENTAGON? Are you ready to stan these boys? Let us know in the comments!

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