Yoon Mi Rae And Tiger JK Open Up About Their Relationship And Past Scam

Legendary hip hop artist Tiger JK and his equally talented wife Yoon Mi Rae talked about their loving relationship and past scam.

On the April 18 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” Yoon Mi Rae introduced herself as “Jordan’s mom who lives in Uijeongbu” and Tiger JK modestly greeted everyone as the “Husband of Jordan’s mom.”

During the show, Tiger JK humbly said, “I’m a singer who has always failed. [My songs] have never risen on charts before.” His wife quickly mentioned “Good Life,” and he replied, “It only won first place once.” Then he added, “Music is a spiritual thing, so I don’t think you can put a rank on it.”

Tiger JK also showed affection for Yoon Mi Rae, saying, “I always need her with me. I’m a fool without her.” Yoon Mi Rae joked, “Did you do something wrong?” Then they exchanged a loving gaze and embraced each other warmly.

Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JK talked about how dated secretly for seven years. Yoon Mi Rae honestly explained, “It’s because we weren’t popular.” They also talked about what anniversaries meant to them, saying, “We never celebrated anniversaries because we don’t think they’re important. We can’t remember them. We tried to make up an anniversary, but we forgot that, too.” Tiger JK said, “We try to make every day special. Sometimes, when I talk to Yoon Mi Rae on the phone, I get goosebumps. I think ‘I’m living with a woman who has this kind of voice.'”

The married couple also shared about their painful scam from the past. Yoon Mi Rae confessed, “We were personally scammed before. We said we would do it with people we trusted, but we fell for it again.” Tiger JK added, “It was completely premeditated fraud. We were completely scammed before our eyes. We had no money, but we had to somehow get our meals. That’s why I teamed up with Bizzy for MFBTY. It’s not so much a gain as a start. But I am happy to be able to do music. We can sleep comfortably without any qualms about our conscience.”

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