EXID's Hani Talks About How Much Super Junior's Kim Heechul Means To Her

EXID’s Hani shared some sweet words about her friend Kim Heechul of Super Junior when she guested on tvN’s “Life Bar.”

In the April 19 episode of “Life Bar,” Hani appeared along with her fellow group member Hyelin. During the show, Heechul was making a silly joke when the other guests and hosts noticed that Hani was laughing more than anyone else. When Heechul asked her why she was laughing like that, Hani said, “I’m just glad to see Heechul making that kind of joke for the first time in a while.”

Hyelin then looked at them both and said, “You look similar.” Hani shared that she’d been told that a lot as a child, and that her nickname was even “Ahn Hee Chul.” She said that she’d told him that when they first met, but he’d gotten mad about it. Heechul laughed in surprise and said, “I did?!”

Later on, MC Jang Do Yeon asked Hani why she’d saved Heechul in her phone as “Daddy Long-Legs.” The story “Daddy-Long-Legs” (which was adapted into a Korean film in 2005) features a young woman who’s supported by a secret benefactor she calls Daddy-Long-Legs, who helps her throughout her life.

Heechul got excited when Hani first said she was going to be saying good things about him, but quickly got embarrassed when she began to talk.

“He’s really a Daddy-Long-Legs,” she said. She described him as tsundere before playfully teasing him over how he was covering his face.

“He’s really a good person to me,” she continued. “Someone I’m grateful for.” When asked for a concrete example, Hani hesitated as she thought about it.

Heechul then jumped in to joke, “Hey, I gave you money!” Hani said, “He didn’t actually give me money, but to that degree, he has been a big support to me when I’m going through hard times.”

Hani and Heechul’s friendship has become a popular fan-favorite after the pair appeared as MCs together on shows including “A Style for You” and “Weekly Idol.”

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