The Beginning Of An End: 9 Emotion-Filled K-Pop Songs About Falling Out Of Love

The end of a relationship is never easy, no matter what the ultimate reason for the breakup is. But sometimes nothing in particular goes wrong, and two people simply find that they are no longer in love. There’s something especially poignant about this type of ending, and these K-pop artists have given voice to those feelings of emptiness and confusion by setting them to music. Check out our list of 9 songs about falling out of love — but be warned, some of these may make you shed a tear or two!

1. “Can’t Love You Anymore” — IU and Oh Hyuk

IU and Oh Hyuk lend their smooth voices to this jazzy (and seriously catchy) song about two people who realize that they are no longer in love. Rather than being sad, the two sound wistful as they sing of feeling awkward when they try to be affectionate towards each other now. Watch them sing “Can’t Love You Anymore” live in the quirky video below:

2. “Honestly…” — Eric Nam

Eric Nam’s latest release is about the conflicted feelings of still caring about someone but not being in love with them anymore: he realizes he needs to end the relationship but is afraid to break things off because he doesn’t want to hurt them.

3. “Lonely” — 2NE1

In this classic 2NE1 song, the ladies lament that they feel deeply lonely in a relationship, despite their partner treating them warmly and lovingly. It takes courage to realize that something doesn’t have to be wrong to not be quite right, and the girls listen to their hearts and go their separate ways despite not really understanding why they must do so.

4. “I’m in Love With Someone Else” — Suzy

This one will hit you right in the feels: Suzy’s raw vocals over a beautiful piano melody tell the heartbreaking story of falling out of love… and in love with someone else. She sings of how kind and giving her current partner is, wishing that she didn’t have to hurt him but deciding to be honest about her feelings for another man.

5. “How Can I Say” — DAY6

How do you end things with someone who is nothing but adoring and sweet towards you? DAY6 brings a rock vibe to our list with “How Can I Say,” showing frustration as they wish that their significant other would stop being so warm and kind to them because they feel bad for not returning the sentiment.

6. “I Don’t Know” — SEVENTEEN

“I Don’t Know” is a gorgeously wistful track about wanting to go back to how a relationship was before it turned sour. But now that happiness has given way to bitterness and fighting, the guys of SEVENTEEN seem to know that it’s too late. Check out their live performance below:

7. “Ain’t No Fun” — BIGBANG

A more playful, if brutally honest, take on a relationship that has become loveless, “Ain’t No Fun” is about a couple that just no longer has any passion. It ain’t no fun when things get this boring and bland, and the guys of BIGBANG would rather fight than have such a lukewarm and dull relationship.

8. “Domino” — CNBLUE

Another pop rock tune on this list, “Domino” is melancholy but also accepting: with the lyrics “my love is gone, just let it go,” CNBLUE sings of the necessity of the impending breakup and the knowledge that both parties will ultimately be happier in future relationships.

9. “Ending Page” — f(x)

This early f(x) song perfectly encapsulates the longing of two lovers who find themselves feeling distant and closed off from each other. The chorus is hopeful, and the girls sing of wanting to stay in the relationship, but they are aware that their ending page has already been written.

Hey Soompiers, what are your favorite K-pop songs that are about falling out of love? Did any of these hit you in the feels? Let us know in the comments!

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