Expert Weighs In On Han Ye Seul's Compensation For Medical Accident

Following the recent news surrounding Han Ye Seul’s medical accident, there has been great interest in her situation as well as the compensation she should receive from the hospital.

On April 24, online medical program “After the Rain” had doctor turned lawyer Lee Yong Hwan weigh in on the issue.

First, the show discussed the compensation that Han Ye Seul might receive. Lee Yong Hwan said, “I predict 50 million won (approximately $46,200),”and explained, “When calculating compensation for damages you have to anticipate three types of damages: passive damages, active damages, and psychological damages. In cases like these, the passive damages are the greatest.”

The lawyer continued, “In Han Ye Seul’s case, her earnings are very high because she is a celebrity. If it affects her income then the amount of compensation becomes higher. As for the part related to her unsightly wound, wounds appear after surgery. However, [Han Ye Seul’s wound] doesn’t count for loss of work ability. The loss of work ability is 0 percent. There are no passive damages.”

Lee Yong Hwan further explained, “When evaluating whether something counts as a skin defect, lesions that appear in some parts of the body like the stomach and chest are not taken into consideration. If it’s on the stomach, chest, and related areas, they are not taken into consideration at all. It only counts if they appear on exposed areas like the head, arms, and legs. There is no exception for celebrities. Aspects related to occupations are taken into consideration for work ability compensation.”

He concluded, “Ultimately, it is about medical expenses and psychological damages. A hospital’s standard for compensations when someone dies is 100 million won (approximately $92,400) in court. This amount increases in proportion to the loss of work ability. For a non-celebrity, the amount of compensation is about 10-20 million won (approximately $9,200 to $18,400). If the court acknowledges Han Ye Seul’s situation, it could be 50 million won (approximately $46,200).”

The lawyer added, “They could not go to court and make adjustments. If the hospital is willing to provide a substantial compensation, they don’t need to consider these factors and can adjust the compensation between the concerned parties.”

Previously, Han Ye Seul shared that she is receiving treatment for a medical accident that occurred during surgery and shared a new photo of the wound. CHA Gangnam Medical Center has since apologized about the accident.

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