“Grand Prince” Cast Shares Comments As Drama Comes To An End

With the final episode of “Grand Prince” airing tonight, the main cast shared their thanks and thoughts on the end of the drama.

“Grand Prince” aired its first episode on March 3 and steadily rose in viewership ratings. The drama received 4 percent ratings with episode 16 and came in first in its time slot.

Yoon Shi Yoon said, “Now that the difficult moments have passed, I’m full of thoughts like ‘I should have done better’ and ‘I should have had more strength.’ I especially had a lot of fears about whether I could do this drama well. However, I realized once again that a drama is formed when many colleagues get together and become one. I was happy and thankful, because I wasn’t alone and was with everyone instead.”

Actress Jin Se Yeon shared, “I think we were able to film since winter until now safely and without any big accidents thanks to the director, actors, and all of the staff members who worked hard. Above all else, I thank all the viewers who loved Sung Ja Hyun and Hui-Hyun couple during these long three months. Please keep watching until the last episode of ‘Grand Prince’ tonight.”

Joo Sang Wook commented, “It doesn’t feel like it has been long since we started filming, but two seasons have already passed. I’m sad that I have to say goodbye now. Although I feel sad, I was happy to have met a cool character like Kang. Thank you for supporting me and looking favorably upon the emotions I poured out as Kang. Thank you again for all the love you sent and I will greet you again through a good project.”

Ryu Hyoyoung said, “‘Grand Prince’ was my first time taking on a traditional drama. Thank you to the director for guiding me, to the writer for creating a charming character, and to the staff members who worked hard behind the camera. I also thank the actors I worked with. It was joyful being together and I really learned a lot. Above all else, I thank the viewers who supported us. Please keep watching until the last episode.”

Lastly, Son Ji Hyun shared, “It was an honor to meet the excellent director, writer, staff members, and senior actors through my first traditional drama ‘Grand Prince.’ It was such a meaningful time. I will work hard to become an actor who shows growth and improvement.”

The production team also commented, “We sincerely thank viewers who have kept loving ‘Grand Prince.’ Thanks to all the love, we were able to film with energy. Please confirm how ‘Grand Prince’ will end and keep watching until the end.”

The final episode will air tonight at 10:50 p.m. KST. Start watching “Grand Prince” below!

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