Jin Se Yeon Shares Thoughts On Her Acting Career While Looking Back On “Grand Prince”

Jin Se Yeon recently sat down for an interview, where she shared her thoughts on “Grand Prince” and her acting career.

The actress began by talking about her concluded drama “Grand Prince.” She commented, “It was great that we ended with good responses until the end. It was bittersweet, and like any other work, I was regretful as I thought, ‘I should have worked harder.'”

On the drama’s high ratings, Jin Se Yeon shared, “I thought I would be happy if the viewership ratings went over 2 percent, and I thought it would be great if it went over 3 percent. So it’s so amazing that it ended at 5 percent. The director contacted me and told me, ‘The viewership ratings are unbelievable.'” The actress also mentioned that it was her first time carrying out a ratings promise and going on a reward vacation.

Jin Se Yeon also talked about why she chose her role and the drama. Her character, Seong Ja Hyeon, is a bright and fiery woman who faces all sorts of hardship after falling in love with prince Lee Hwi. She explained, “First of all, the script was so much fun. I saw the scripts for around episode 2 and 3, and I was anticipating the next one. I think I fell into reading it like I would a novel. Also, Ja Hyeon was expressed as an incredible woman, who is hard to find not only in historical works but also in modern pieces. I really liked that.”

When asked what the most difficult moment was while portraying Seong Ja Hyeon, Jin Se Yeon answered, “At first, Ja Hyeon was a bright and smiling character. But since it’s a historical piece, her emotions grew deeper as the drama went on. I think it’s inevitable because they can’t contact each other after parting ways. I haven’t portrayed deep feelings of love before, so it was difficult.” She also added that her fans want her to do bright romantic comedies, and that one of the reasons she chose “Grand Prince” was because she heard that Ja Hyeon would remain bright in the face of hardship and darkness.

She compared the role of Seong Ja Hyeon to her previous other roles, saying, “When I filmed ‘The Flower in Prison,’ I filmed action scenes and scenes where I did what I had to do. But with Ja Hyeon, she was in love from the beginning until the end. It was hard to portray that. I especially thought a lot about how to express her feelings when Hwi died the second time.” Jin Se Yeon also explained that she had prepared for the role for a long time, so she was relieved when viewers enjoyed seeing a different side of her.

Jin Se Yeon explained that she had always felt her growth as an actress not during her current drama but in the work that followed, and that she experienced the growth from “The Flower in Prison” through “Grand Prince.” She revealed her philosophy on acting, saying, “When I’m working, I think, ‘I’m going to do my best,’ but when I look back, I feel like I haven’t and have regrets. I want to be an actress that works hard until the end and doesn’t lose the mindset of ‘I’ve done my best.'”

The actress also mentioned that she has never been in a relationship. She commented, “As I watched Ja Hyeon and Hwi, I was envious and also thought it was amazing. I was envious of the love that Hwi was receiving and the love that Ja Hyeon was giving. They believed in each other that much. I thought Ja Hyeon was really amazing. I also want to experience a love where there’s that much trust.”

However, she pointed out that as of now, work was her priority over dating and relationships. Jin Se Yeon laughed and commented, “Since I’ve only worked so far, I feel like I have to work more. When I work, I don’t have any other thoughts other than what I’m working on, which is why I think I have no relationship experience. I’ve had crushes and gone on dates. But I’ve always felt like work was more important.” She continued, “I’m also the type of person who thinks about the end of a relationship first. I think it doesn’t work out because I think, ‘What happens if we break up?'”

She also showed her positive attitude towards criticisms of her acting. She explained, “I shouldn’t read comments at all, but I end up looking at them anyways. However, there are a lot of people who supported Ja Hyeon and I think people understood and empathized with this character the most out of the characters I’ve done. So I was able to enjoy filming.”

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