9 Times Fandoms Melted Our Hearts With Their Wholesomeness

Fandoms are like families: big, loud, and sometimes a little bit crazy. There’s always the oddball uncle here and the black sheep sister there (what family doesn’t?), but in the end, like family, fandoms always come together. And when fandoms band together to do good, good always happens! Check out our list of nine times fans were so wholesome, it melted your heart.

Donations and fundraising

On special days of their idols, like birthdays or anniversaries or concerts, it’s common for many fandoms to donate money, briquettes, rice wreaths, etc. to a certain cause. For example, one fandom of TVXQ’s Yunho donated 200 million won (approximately $185,600) to low income families and elderly that live alone in the city of Yangju for Lunar New Year.

Sometimes fans donate to a cause that their idols personally support. Fans of the late SHINee’s Jonghyun commemorated his birthday this year by donating to a youth crisis center for LGBT youth.

Other ways fandoms give back is through supporting the campaigns of their idols. For BTS’s “Love Myself” UNICEF campaign, ARMY managed to raise over 600 million won (approximately $556,700)!


Money isn’t the only way fandoms give back! Fandoms are also known for their volunteer work. When it was revealed that EXO’s Sehun frequently volunteered at a child welfare institution, many EXO-Ls followed in his footsteps and volunteered at orphanages.

Ladies’ Code

After the tragic car accident that took the lives of two members, fans and non-fans banded together to help grant late member EunB’s lifelong wish: to reach first place on the music charts. “I’m Fine Thank You” charted at No. 1 on Melon’s real time chart.


In 2017, SHINee came to Canada on tour, but the organizer for the Canada leg was unable to obtain official merchandise, like light sticks, in time for the concerts. After hearing this predicament, Japanese Shawols donated about a thousand of their own light sticks (with little notes attached for Canadian Shawols) to be shipped to Canada just in time for the concert.


B1A4 was pleasantly surprised by a flash mob in San Francisco, and later even joined in! Flashmob goals!


B.A.P’s Helping Hands, a non-profit charity group led by fans, teamed up with a non-profit organization called Pencils of Promise to build a school in Ghana for children in need. Bang Yong Guk, the leader of B.A.P, had stated in the past that one of his dreams was to build a school in Africa in B.A.P’s name. Through donations from fans, this dream has become a reality.


In the Brazil leg of BTS’s tour, during RM’s solo track “Reflection” where he sings, “I wish I could love myself,” ARMY chanted back “We love you!” When RM performed the song again the next day, during the same part, he changed the end lyrics to “Yes I do love myself.”

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