Watch: Park Bo Gum And Yeo Jin Goo Participate In 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge After One Tags The Other

Park Bo Gum and Yeo Jin Goo have both taken part in the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge!

On May 31, Yeo Jin Goo shared a video of himself performing the Ice Bucket Challenge on Instagram after being nominated by Park Bo Gum earlier this week. In his video, the actor says, “Hello, this is Yeo Jin Goo. I’m grateful that, at Bo Gum’s request, I’m able to be a part of another meaningful challenge: the 2018 Ice Bucket Challenge.”

He continues, “After the Ice Bucket Challenge began in 2014, a small flame of hope was able to grow, and it became possible to build the first hospital in Korea devoted to patients suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Until the construction for the hospital is completed, we need your warm interest and support. I will also continue to cheer on the patients and their families.”

Yeo Jin Goo then challenges Jung Woo Sung, Jo Jin Woong, and Girl’s Day’s Minah to join him in participating. Minah was previously confirmed on May 30 to be starring opposite Yeo Jin Goo in the upcoming drama “Absolute Boyfriend.”

Check out Yeo Jin Goo’s video below!

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Park Bo Gum also completed the challenge earlier this week, with his agency Blossom Entertainment posting a video of his participation online on May 29.

In his own video, Park Bo Gum says, “Hello, this is Park Bo Gum. Thank you to Sean for allowing me to take part in this meaningful challenge, the Ice Bucket Challenge dedicated to the first hospital in Korea for patients suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease. The construction of the hospital requires the interest and help of those watching this video. I hope that our warm hearts can come together and become a source of strength for the patients and their families. I will also cheer on the hospital in the hope that its construction will be successfully completed.”

Park Bo Gum proceeds to challenge his “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” co-stars Kwak Dong Yeon and Lee Joon Hyuk, as well as his close friend Yeo Jin Goo, to follow in his footsteps by participating. Check out his video below!

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