Sung Dong Il Talks About How Different Lee Kwang Soo’s Personality Is On Variety Shows And In Real Life

Sung Dong Il spoke about his co-star Lee Kwang Soo in a recent interview.

After telling a heartwarming story about police officers in tvN’s “Live,” Sung Dong Il will now tell a comical story about detectives in the upcoming film “The Accidental Detective 2: In Action.”

About his newest film, Sung Dong Il said, “I saw the film for the first time [on the day of the press conference], and I said that it was really funny. There wasn’t any forced laughter and it was fun. I don’t enjoy my own movies, but I think the film was well-made for its budget.”

“The Accidental Detectives 2: In Action” was directed by female director Lee Un Hee. Speaking about working with a new director, he commented, “It was done by someone who hadn’t done comedy or action, so the actors paid attention while filming it. Male actors could miss the detailed parts. To be honest, I’ve never worked with female directors. My personality is extroverted and I’m an actor who likes to drink. While filming the movie, when I drank in my room, I drank with the director and talked. We also talked about what we were filming the next day.”

Sung Dong Il was a big contributing factor in Lee Kwang Soo joining the film’s cast. He previously worked with the actor in “It’s Okay, That’s Love” and “Live,” and their close relationship is well-known.

Sung Dong Il explained, “They said there was a unique character and asked who I had in mind, so I immediately called Lee Kwang Soo. I said, ‘You do it’ and Lee Kwang Soo said, ‘Okay.’ When he wasn’t filming ‘Along with the Gods,’ I also called Kim Dong Wook and asked him for help, using our relationship from ‘Take Off.’ He said he’ll do it no matter what and I bought him drinks to thank him. In many ways, the actors’ teamwork worked out well. The relationships were formed through drinking. I received a lot of help from my juniors. Lee Kwang Soo did a good job filling in the empty spot. He’s a junior, but I told him thank you.”

The actor then revealed that Lee Kwang Soo’s personality on TV is very different from his personality in real life.

He said, “In real life, Lee Kwang Soo doesn’t talk very much. After drinking, he doesn’t say much except, ‘Thank you.’ He’s 180-degrees different from his appearance on variety shows. On days off, he exercises and meets up with a few industry seniors. So I thought that it’d be nice for Lee Kwang Soo to unravel while acting, and suggested that we do it together. I liked the two of us working together on ‘Live’ too, so we continued working together.”

Son Dam Bi also appears in the film, where she’ll show her transformation from a singer to a movie actress.

Sung Dong Il said, “She’s a normally active person. She’s basically a professional at pilates. Even when she’s eating, her posture is upright, but her body is very rigid. But when we’d drink in my room, Son Dam Bi is the one who made the atmosphere fun. Even when she wasn’t filming, she came to hang out on set. Even before her first day of filming, she came to visit the set about four times. She waited until the end and drank with us. Our teamwork was really good.”

“The Accidental Detective 2: In Action” will premiere in Korea on June 13.

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