Upcoming Drama Starring Song Seung Heon, f(x)’s Krystal, And Lee Si Eon Shares New Details

New details have been shared about the characters Song Seung Heon, f(x)’s Krystal and Lee Si Eon will play in their upcoming OCN drama.

In May, Song Seung Heon uploaded a photo of himself with Krystal and Lee Si Eon to confirm that they would be appearing in the drama together. Since then, the drama has set its name as “Player” and shared more details about the plot and characters.

“Player” will be a revenge story that brings together people who are talented in their respective fields like a genius con artist, hacker, driver, and fighter. They will band together to go on the hunt for illegally amassed fortunes, and it will be a fun and exciting action drama. The project will be helmed by producing director (PD) Go Jae Hyun of “Black” and “Syndrome,” and the script will be written by screenwriter Shin Jae Hyung, who won the Best Rookie Novelist Award at the 2011 Korea Detective Literature Awards.

Song Seung Heon will play genius con artist Kang Ha Ri, who is quick witted, handsome, and daring. The only son of a family of prosecutors, he was on a path to follow the family tradition but an unexpected tragedy left him without a family and turning to a life of crime. The actor worked with PD Go Jae Hyun in “Black” and it will be interesting to see what transformation he undergoes for his upcoming role.

He will be joined by f(x)’s Krystal, who will play a skilled driver Cha Ah Ryung. She grew up in an orphanage and picked up an interesting set of skills like picking locks and pickpocketing after running away. The skill she always excelled at most was driving. She had been hoping to break away from her circumstances when she meets Kang Ha Ri and begins a new life.

Lee Si Eon will be playing the talented hacker Lim Byung Min, who has always solved all of his issues with a computer from a young age and has the ability to find whatever information he needs. However, he is also a shy and cowardly person when his computers are taken away from him. He gets into a sticky situation when he is asked to use his skills for nefarious purposes, from which he is saved from by Kang Ha Ri and they strike up an unlikely friendship.

The production staff of “Player” stated, “Each of the three actors has a unique personality that they will use to bring their characters to life. The drama will bring fast-paced action, big laughs, and a lively story, so we hope viewers will be excited for it.”

“Player” will be the follow-up drama to “Voice 2” and is slated to air in the second half of 2018.

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