A K-Pop Rainbow: 11 Songs You Should Check Out Based On Your Favorite Colors

We all know that K-pop has plenty of eye-catching music videos with flashy and bright colors. But sometimes artists take their color game one step further and devote an entire song to a particular hue. From red to green, to everything in between, we’ve pulled together a collection of K-pop songs that are dedicated to specific colors. There’s a song for every shade of the rainbow, so find your favorite color, and see which K-pop hit should be your jam!

Red: “Red” — HyunA

If you love a vivid, bold red, then this HyunA song is for you! A catchy bop that is every bit as wild and sexy as the crimson hue it’s named for (the chorus includes the lyric “a monkey’s butt is red”), “Red” is HyunA at her most playful and free.

But if super sexy isn’t your thing and you’re more of a raspberry than a scarlet, be sure to check out Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor” for a more flirty, summery vibe!

Orange: “Orange” — Shinhwa

A bright, sunny shade of orange is an instant pick-me-up that never fails to put a smile on your face, which is exactly what Shinhwa’s “Orange” will do. Have you ever heard anything so wholesome and cheerful?

Yellow: “Butterfly” — San E and Mad Clown

Chill and cool, but with a distinct silly side, this catchy rap number from San E and Mad Clown perfectly captures the color yellow. The Korean title, “너랑나랑노랑” (neorang narang norang) translates to “you and me and yellow,” and the two rappers are equal parts flirty and goofy in this playful song!

Green: “Green Rain” — SHINee

Green is all about growth, and SHINee’s “Green Rain” exudes this feeling as it builds from its opening piano notes to its uplifting chorus. Part of the OST for the 2013 K-drama “The Queen’s Classroom,” this number has an inspiring vibe that will instantly boost your mood, just like a nice natural shade of green.

For a green-themed song with a more earthy vibe, you might also want to check out Akdong Musician’s “Artificial Grass!”

Blue: “Blue” — BIGBANG

While blue is often associated with feelings of sadness, it doesn’t always have to be depressing! Blue is calm, subdued, and reflective, just like the famous BIGBANG track named after the color. While the song is about a breakup, it is more resigned than sad, and there is something wonderfully cathartic about the chorus of “I’m singing my blues.”

Purple: “Violet” — PENTAGON

PENTAGON’s “Violet” is sweet and a little melancholy but totally uplifting, just like the soft passion we associate with the color. It’s a song that makes for great easy listening as comforting and refreshing as this gentle shade of purple.

Of course, if you’re looking for a more vibrant purple, MAMAMOO dedicated an entire mini album to the color: “Yes I Am” is the attitude-filled title track off their “Purple” EP.

Pink: “Hot Pink” — EXID

Feminine and wild, pink is like red with an edgy twist — and in true EXID style, the girls do this bold hue justice by turning up the sexy in their 2015 bop “Hot Pink.” With its funky beat and catchy repetition of “I like the way you pink it,” we can’t help but love this pink anthem!

Black: “Black” — Lee Hyori

Black is stripped down, bare, and real, and K-pop queen Lee Hyori takes things back to her roots with her 2017 track named after the color. Tired of the falsely dyed hair, makeup, and glitz of the K-pop world, Hyori sings of wanting to be a truer version of herself again, “with black hair, black eyes, wearing black clothes.”

Also worth a listen, G-Dragon’s “Black,” featuring BLACKPINK’s Jennie, is a more melancholy take on the color.

White: “White Noise” — EXO

Simple but definitely not boring, white is a clean, invigorating color that can have plenty of attitude despite its starkness. Thankfully, EXO understood this when they brought us this crisp B-side track:

Black and White: “Black or White” — CROSS GENE

Don’t care much for color, but can’t decide between black and white? CROSS GENE’s “Black or White” is the song for you! A black and white color scheme is all about contrast, which is captured in the dramatic, suspenseful mood of this song.

Rainbow: “Coloring Book” — Oh My Girl

For those who simply can’t choose just one color, Oh My Girl brings you every shade you can imagine with “Coloring Book.” This cheerful, bouncy tune is every bit as fun as the full rainbow — plus, you’ll love watching the music video go from stark white to rainbow bright as the girls splash color everywhere!

Hey Soompiers, what’s your favorite color? Do you like the K-pop song that goes with it? Let us know in the comments!

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