9 GOT7 & MONSTA X Moments That Prove MONSTA7 Exists

Idols may have very little free time, but one thing’s for sure: nothing can stop the force that is bromance. You might have seen another one of our articles about boy group bromances, and in case you liked it, here’s more: This time we want to focus on none other than MONSTA X and GOT7. Why? Because very recently, the members of MONSTA X stated that they want GOT7 to guest on the upcoming season of their reality format, “MONSTA X-RAY.” And while for a lot of Monbebe and Ahgase this is no surprise, we’ll seize this opportunity to shed some light on this continuous giant group hug that is MONSTA7.

1. “NO.MERCY” reunion

Before becoming a member of MONSTA X through the casting show “NO.MERCY,” Shownu used to be a trainee with JYP Entertainment and was originally supposed to debut with Jinyoung and JB. At a heartwarming reunion during the show’s first episode, Jinyoung even admitted he cried when Shownu left. Not having debuted yet, MONSTA X’s soon-to-be leader said he knew a lot of people who already had, and that he would work hard to make it happen. We’re really thankful this story had a happy ending for Shownu.

2. ISACs

You probably know the amazing event that is the “Idol Star Athletics Championships,” where idols compete against each other in various sports disciplines. But actually no one really cares about who wins, it’s more about the fancams and group interactions. We got to see a lot of these between GOT7 and MONSTA X at the competition in 2016, when the boys gathered and released their inner children by fooling around like old friends. MONSTA X beating GOT7 and winning gold by setting a new record for archery did not stop the love. Thankfully the fans did a great job and left us with a lot of footage that will make you wonder why we can’t just have one giant group with (at least) 14 members.

3. Their joint stages

Seeing GOT7 and MONSTA X perform on one stage with all members is a very rare sight. Actually, the only event that got even close was KCON 2015 in Los Angeles. The boys had a fierce performance including a badass dance battle. Sadly, it was only 13 boys, since Jackson was missing that day due to his filming for “Law of the Jungle.” It seems their mixed unit stages, which really are quite a sight, will have to suffice. Take for example Minhyuk and BamBam teaming up with BTOB’s Minhyuk and B.A.P’s Youngjae for their performance of “Bad Girl Good Girl” at the 2016 KBS Song Festival; or Jackson and Jooheon getting together with Dynamic Duo, NCT’s Mark, and SEVENTEEN’s Vernon for a badass stage at 2017 MAMA in Hong Kong (or 2016 MAMA with NCT’s Taeyong). At this point, we’re not even sure if we could handle seeing them all performing together on one stage.

4. Backstage rap battle

The dancing at KCON is not exactly the first time GOT7 and MONSTA X engaged in a fierce battle. Many will remember the historic moment at “M!Countdown Backstage,” when Jackson challenged Jooheon to a rap battle, starting with the legendary line, “Freestyle rap, it’s a crap” and suddenly getting super flustered when the MONSTA X rapper brought his serious free-styling skills to the table. There’s so much talent and dorkiness at the same time!

5. Backup members

Also backstage, but this time at “Music Bank” during “Never Ever” and “Beautiful” promotions, we witnessed Minhyuk just casually switching teams by joining GOT7 for their greeting. Jackson was unfortunately missing on this day, but instead of letting GOT7 be GOT6, Minhyuk came to the rescue! Wearing the same colors and being positioned right in the middle between both groups, he did in fact look very convincing. So while this was hilarious for everyone including the members themselves, we bet a whole lot of new fans were completely fooled by Minhyuk’s acting.

6. “Celebrity Bromance”

Probably the best-known inter-group bromance couple of the 14 members, Jackson and Jooheon (Jackheon? Jooson?), got to guest on the reality show “Celebrity Bromance” and publicly display their affection for each other. There was a rooftop picnic, the boyfriend-style protection from an oncoming car, and of course, a lot of hilarious bickering. Also, please don’t forget the reaction interview with Mark, Jinyoung, and BamBam, who found the perfect balance between arguing who’s better friends with MONSTA X on the one hand, and roasting Jackson on the other.

7. Variety idols

Talking about Jooheon and Jackson, we have to mention their joint appearances on “Weekly Idol.” One of our all-time favorites has to be Jooheon impersonating Jackson’s entrance. Of course, Jooheon impersonating Jackson isn’t necessarily new, but this time, he outdid himself – no one could hold back their laughter. You know you’re in for some quality entertainment when the variety champions of both groups just go all in with their skills. But the other members aren’t strangers to guesting on shows either, there were even a couple of occasions where they got to be special MCs, like Jinyoung and Minhyuk for KCON Japan.

8. MONSTA7 react to MONSTA X

Both groups appeared together on the “Music Core” segment “5 Minute Delay,” where groups watch their own performances on the show. During the segment, GOT7 happened to arrive right after MONSTA X. But instead of waiting, all the boys just sat together and watched MONSTA X’s performance of “Beautiful.” What we got to see was the impatient GOT7 members asking, “When are you gonna take your clothes off,” “I want to see you all take your clothes off,” and all the “Ahhh’s” and “Oooh’s” in response to their choreography and close-ups. Even though some members were unfortunately not in frame, this truly gave us all the MONSTA7 feels.

9. The origin of the name MONSTA7

There is really not much to say about this one, because guess what: The boys created this name themselves. It happened during the same “M!Countdown Backstage” as the legendary rap battle. And seriously, if this doesn’t convince you that this is a match made in bromance heaven, nothing will.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. We could probably never catch every aspect of the boys’ friendship, be it the public moments, including all the countless adorable interactions when they meet on stage of chart shows; or the private moments, which we obviously have pretty much no idea about, except for some mentioned meet-ups and phone calls. We hope the boys have enough time to meet up and continue their friendship for many years to come, and we hope they’ll – just maybe, if we’re lucky – share tiny bits and pieces of it with their fans.

What MONSTA7 moment is your favorite? Are you looking forward to “MONSTA X-RAY?” Tell us in the comments!

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