Rapper Of 7-Year-Old Boy Group Impresses Audience With His Skills On “King Of Mask Singer”

The identity of “Knight Rider” was revealed on MBC’s “King of Mask Singer”!

Last week, “Knight Rider” and “Ximena Teacher” performed a duet of Humming Urban Stereo’s “Hawaiian Couple.” “Knight Rider” received more votes and continued in the competition.

On the June 17 episode, “Knight Rider” went head-to-head against “Bob Ross” during the second round.

“Knight Rider” surprised everyone with his performance of WINNER’s “Don’t Flirt” while “Bob Ross” sang I.O.I’s “Downpour.”


“Bob Ross” was hailed as the winner while “Knight Rider” remained on stage to reveal his identity. “Knight Rider” turned out to be none other than Block B’s Park Kyung!

Referring to being him cast member of tvN’s “Problematic Men,” MC Kim Sung Joo revealed that Park Kyung appeared on “King of Mask Singer” to show people that he’s a singer and not someone who just solves problems.

Park Kyung explained, “It’s not really a stereotype, but there are people who don’t know that I’m a singer. When I see people, they just say, ‘Ah, our smartie,’ so I just wanted to show people that I’m a singer.”

After revealing his identity, he met up with his close friend and rapper Hanhae backstage. Neither of them knew about each other’s appearance on the show.

Park Kyung said, “As soon as I went up on stage, I was surprised when I saw Hanhae…I started making songs, and I wanted to accurately convey my feelings. So, I ended up recording the guides and began to get more interested in singing. So, when given the opportunity, I want to keep taking on challenges, no matter what the genre is. ‘Knight Rider’ was Park Kyung. Please continue to have interest in me and my music.”

Check out the clip of his reveal!

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