Watch: Lee Joon Gi And Seo Ye Ji Have Sweet But Feisty Jiu Jitsu Match In “Lawless Lawyer”

tvN’s “Lawless Lawyer” released a making video of the scene where Lee Joon Gi and Seo Ye Ji have a jiu jitsu match.

Before filming begins, Lee Joon Gi is doting towards his co-star Seo Ye Ji and even sweetly helps tie the belt of her blue jiu jitsu uniform. However, all the fun and games are over when the filming starts. He doesn’t go easy on her just because she’s a woman, and she can be seen falling over and over again due to his attacks.

Lee Joon Gi drops her on the mat, and Seo Ye Ji releases a surprised yelp before glaring at him. She gets her revenge by kicking him in the stomach, and he goes down with a painful groan that makes the production crew burst into laughter. She even pretends to kick him again, just for good measure.

However, no matter how much Seo Ye Ji tries to knock Lee Joon Gi down, she is eventually unsuccessful. Lee Joon Gi notices her hard efforts and laughs out loud. Seo Ye Ji hugs him in a means of apology, and Lee Joon Gi jokes, “There’s bloodthirstiness in your eyes!” Then he points out, “Did you see the way she gritted her teeth? She’s so scary that I can’t do this!”

Watch the hilarious behind-the-scenes clip below!

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