Social Media Hacking Becomes Bigger Problem As More Celebrities Suffer

Social media hacking continues to be a looming problem as more and more celebrities become victims.

On June 20, actress Song Da Eun posted on her Instagram that her account had been hacked earlier on the same day. Song Da Eun recently gained popularity with her appearance on Channel A’s dating variety show “Heart Signal 2” and has been active on social media. However, on the morning of June 20, random advertisements for sunglasses were posted on her Instagram, confusing fans.

Song Da Eun revealed a few hours later that the post was uploaded after her account was hacked. “Stop hacking,” she wrote. “Why would you use others for your benefits? I sincerely apologize to those who have suffered damage.”

Actor Kang Kyung Joon also warned against fake social media accounts impersonating his wife, actress Jang Shin Young. On June 20, he posted a screenshot comparing Jang Shin Young’s real account with a fake one that was pretending to be her on Instagram. “I don’t know who she is,” he wrote. “Please help, everyone.”

Jang Shin Young has suffered from fake accounts in the past as well. The fake account captured in Kang Kyung Joon’s post has been deactivated now.

NU’EST’s JR went through the same trouble as Song Da Eun. On June 17, JR posted on his Instagram, “My Instagram was hacked, haha. I was also surprised but I’m sorry to L.O.Λ.E.s who would’ve been even more surprised than me. Good night~” Earlier on the same day, advertisements were shared on his account which he deleted soon after.

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More and more people are growing concerned about the celebrities’ social media hacking, a problem far from something new. Kim Woo Bin, UEE, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Shin Young, Fujita Sayuri, Baek Jong Won are just a few of the celebrities who have already suffered from social media hacking or fake accounts.

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