Ji Suk Jin Shares Chat History With BTS’s Jin To Prove Their Friendship On “Radio Star”

On the June 20 broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star,” Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jae Dong, Yang Yoseob, and Jung Seung Hwan appeared as guests.

During the show, Ji Suk Jin talked about his friendship with BTS’s Jin. The topic was brought up by an anonymous member of Ji Suk Jin’s radio staff, who said Ji Suk Jin seems pretty cold to them, not really responding when they greet him, but that they’ve seen him sending very long text messages to Jin.

Ji Suk Jin explained that he met Jin while doing a short shoot for “Running Man” about two years ago, and that they became close pretty easily because they have the same name. “He’s Kim Suk Jin, and I’m Ji Suk Jin.”

Yoon Jong Shin poked fun, saying, “If there’s a Park Suk Jin, will you become friends with him?” to which Ji Suk Jin said he wouldn’t.

“I felt Jin ‘propose’ to me spiritually. As in, it was like he was saying, ‘I want to be friends with you,’” said Ji Suk Jin. When Jin said he missed him, Ji Suk Jin initiated a phone number exchange, something he doesn’t often do.

The “Radio Star” hosts and guests continued to poke fun at the disparity in how Ji Suk Jin doesn’t respond to his staff, but readily contacts Jin. Yoon Jong Shin asked, “When BTS got No. 1 on Billboard, did you message Jin?”

“I did,” said Ji Suk Jin. “When BTS got No. 1, I even listened to all of the songs on their new album.”

Cha Tae Hyun, suspicious, asked, “Does Jin respond to your messages?” Ji Suk Jin said he does, and that he even gets random texts from Jin with photos and updates of what he’s up to.

To prove it, Ji Suk Jin showed the hosts his chat history with Jin, from which host Kim Kook Jin picked out Ji Suk Jin saying to Jin that he wants to try living like him for just one week.

Explaining a text that Kim Jae Dong found from Jin saying that his agency was saying no, Ji Suk Jin said, “Honestly, I’m not one to ask favors from other people. I called Jin once during a broadcast. I said, ‘I’m with [Song] Ji Hyo right now, can we come see you? The phone call was aired on ‘Running Man.’ The ‘Running Man’ staff had spoken to BTS’s manager, so we already knew that it wasn’t possible, but Jin, because he’s so nice, responded saying he was sorry. That’s what that text was.”

In the end, the hosts and guests stopped teasing Ji Suk Jin and acknowledged that he’s close friends with BTS’s Jin.

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