Stars Celebrate Korea's Victory In World Cup Match Against Germany

Korea’s time in the 2018 FIFA World Cup has ended with a bang!

On June 27 (local time), Korea won 2 to 0 against Germany, eliminating them from continuing on in the tournament. Although Korea also did not advance to the round of 16 after losing the previous two games, the team shocked the world as they beat the defending champions. This is the first time since 1938 that Germany has not moved on past the group stage.

In response, Korean celebrities took to social media to celebrate the big win.

Jung Hae In wrote, “I am very proud of Korean soccer… I am touched! You really worked your hardest! You were the best.”

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA posted, “You have done so well. I am always cheering you on.”

Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon shared, “You have worked so hard. I am so proud. I am tearing up.”

Park Shin Hye’s post reads, “Wow.. really… Tears are falling. I am touched. The Taegeuk Warriors, you have worked hard.”

AOA’s Seolhyun simply wrote, “You have done well.”

AOA’s Chanmi posted, “Our country is the best! Athletes, you have all done well. I am proud, and you were great. You deserve to be applauded 2 million times.”

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk wrote, “You have worked hard.”

Son Dam Bi posted, “Today is amazing! Korea, hwaiting.”

Ryu Jun Yeol shared, “A game to go down in history. I express my gratitude.”

HaHa excitedly posted, “You have done it…! You did it! Ah….. Thank you! I wanted to see soccer like this! Come home with comfortable hearts!” He also made fun of a friend who had told him earlier, “It’s obvious we’re going to lose… Why are you watching?”

Go Ara wrote, “The national soccer team of our country Korea. The best,” and, “Thank you for such an amazing game. Our country’s national soccer team is great.”

Kim Jae Wook shared, “I am very proud. Thank you..!”

Yoon Kyun Sang commented, “Tears are falling. I am this happy although we didn’t make it to the round of 16. Germany’s first group league elimination. Victory 2 to 0 against the world’s best Germany. I saw what fighting spirit is with my eyes. They must have gone through a lot of emotional difficulties. Let’s give greater anticipation, interest, and love to the athletes who will grow further from now on.”

He also took a photo of his television screen which shows the text, “[Korean] soccer made the No. 1 in the world cry,” and wrote in his caption, “No, I cried, too.”

Kim Dong Han posted a photo of his bed on his Instagram story, sharing, “I was so excited that my bed broke,” and added, “Wow. You really worked hard.”

Kim So Hye wrote, “Taegeuk Warriors who make us proud, you’re the best! Korea hwaiting!”

The account of Jeon Somi’s sister Evelyn, which is run by their family, uploaded a video of themselves celebrating the victory. The caption includes, “We are one. We are proud. You were great until the end.”

Jo Kwon posted a photo with a screen showing the goalkeeper Cho Hyun Woo, as many have commented on their similar appearances. His caption reads, “You have really worked hard. Korean athletes, you are the best ! A drama without a script! P.S. Cho Hyun Woo ! Thanks to you, I have received lots of messages. I just cheered you guys on, but people are thanking me.. Thank you.”

DreamCatcher decked out in red and shared, “Our athletes! You have all done well. Thank you for putting on a great game! It is a relief that you ran well without getting hurt! Our athletes who are always amazing, DreamCatcher will always cheer you on.”

GOT7’s Youngjae commented, “You have really worked so hard. You are great!”

WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon wrote, “Wow our country’s athletes really … See, you can make it happen. Although it’s too bad we didn’t make it to the round of 16 (why did Mexico lose like that….), it was the greatest ending! You are No. 1 in my heart!” His hashtag reads, “Let’s set up a red carpet at the airport.”

WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo posted, “Taegeuk Warriors, you fought so well. Since you beat No. 1, the Taegeuk Warriors are No. 1.”

KHAN’s Jeon Min Ju shared, “I’m so excited that I can’t sleep. Korea’s national team athletes, thank you for showing a great game. I saw an unforgettable drama.”

VICTON’s Byungchan posted a video with the caption, “Everyone, Korea beat Germany! Have a good night everyone! Korean athletes, you have done well!”

WJSN performed at an event to cheer on the team and shared a photo following the win.

PENTAGON’s Kino wrote, “Our athletes, thank you so much. You have worked hard. You make us the proudest!! It is a happy night.”

Oh My Girl’s Jiho uploaded a selfie with, “The athletes of the Korean team, you were so great! The best!”

ONF’s E-Tion wrote, “You have done so well.”

DIA’s Huihyeon posted a photo with Chungha. Her caption says, “Taegeuk Warriors, you have done well. Almost lost my voice while screaming with Chungha.”

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