Soyou Talks About Insecurities And Concerns That Hit Her After SISTAR Disbanded

On the July 12 broadcast of tvN’s “Life Bar,” Soyou, Lee Hong Ki, Yoon Do Hyun, and Ha Hyun Woo appeared as guests.

During the show, Soyou talked about how her image on television is quite different from how she is in real life, as well as insecurities and concerns she felt after SISTAR disbanded.

Soyou said she’s not as bright and energetic as she seems. “I can be very energetic, but I’m actually really quiet. Rather than cheerful, I’m more on the mellow side.”

It may be in part because she’s now a solo act. She said, “First of all, after [SISTAR] disbanded, it’s really lonely. No matter what I do, it’s lonely, since before, the four of us were always together.” And the disbandment has brought along with it a slew of insecurities. Soyou said, “If I go to the broadcasting station by myself, I don’t know anybody, everyone is my hoobae, nobody talks to me, if someone does approach me, I feel like they’re going to ask me about doing a collaboration, and if I want to dance, I feel like people will just focus on SISTAR again.”

On financial matters, Soyou said that ever since her family fell into hard times when she was younger, she’s been very frugal. “Celebrities are freelancers, right? Sometimes we have work, sometimes we don’t. And especially for singers, when we make an album, we can actually go into debt.” When Kim Heechul brought up that Soyou purchased a building, Soyou said, “When SISTAR disbanded, I thought, ‘it’s possible I won’t be able to do this anymore,’ because you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Even with luxury brands and items, she said she would maybe treat herself once a year, but realized that the happiness she reaps from having the item doesn’t even last a week. “Of course I like luxury brands, and I want to buy and wear pretty clothes, but if possible, I try not to indulge, telling myself that it’s all temporary.”

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