GFRIEND Shares Affection For

GFRIEND shared their support for the “Produce 48” contestants.

The group recently sat down for an interview with Xportsnews, during which they talked about the “Produce 48” trainees covering “Love Whisper” in team battles and their thoughts on their Japanese debut.

During “Produce 48,” when trainees were picking songs for their first team battle, many contestants attempted to avoid “Love Whisper” due to its difficult choreography.

Sowon commented, “I could understand how they felt. It’s a performance where they have to do well and stand out. As they were preparing for our song, I knew that they had a lot to work out. So as I watched, I felt that it must be very difficult for them.”

She added, “I’d like it if many people [covered us]. I felt proud when they covered us but I also worried for them. I want them to stand on stage after eating a full meal. I have that kind of older sister mindset.”

GFRIEND also talked about how it felt wrapping up promotions after their Japanese debut. They explained that they had promoted with a similar mindset as when they had promoted ‘Glass Bead‘ in Korea. Sowon added that they had always felt nervous because of the different systems of promotions, but they had worked harder because of it.

The leader continued, “Whenever we go abroad, it’s really interesting to see that even though they speak a different language, the fans are just as passionate. Every region we go to, they come prepared with Korean and are very energetic.”

Eunha also commented how the only things different between Korean and Japanese fans were the language and where they lived. She explained, “Their hearts and the way they think of us is the same. Even if we don’t understand what they’re saying, we understand how they feel through their gazes. Whichever country we go to, we are always touched when we meet our fans.”

GFRIEND will be making their comeback with “Sunny Summer” on July 19.

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