Yoon Jong Shin Comments On Problems With Current Music Charts

Yoon Jong Shin has shared his thoughts on the problem with current music charts.

On July 18, he uploaded a post on his personal Instagram where he gave his opinion on the problem with music charts. He stated, “Charts are supposed to be a reflection of the status quo. Since charts make the status quo, the goal to get [songs] up in the charts no matter what has now become the reality.”

He continued, “I see the real-time charts and the ‘Play all’ on the Top 100 chart as a definite problem. [Charts] should become platforms that lead and help many people obtain their own tastes. In the long-term, those kinds of platforms will succeed.”

Yoon Jong Shin explained his perspective on what music sites should be like and shared, “I believe that the first page of music sites should be curated to automatically fit an individual. [Sites] dedicate a lot on an individual’s music preference data. But why is it that rather than getting the music and information about the musicians that I want, I have to see the music and information that they want to convey instead.”

He commented, “I want to suggest what it might be like if we got rid of the ‘Play all’ button on the Top 100 chart. A lot of people unconsciously spend a lot of time pressing this lack-of-preference ‘Play all’ button. People who get their names up on charts get an additional profit. Charts have to do something, whatever it takes…”

The singer-songwriter also uses the hashtags “To have my own tastes,” “Find your tastes,” “The price for offering data on your preferences,” “Indicators are merely indicators,” “Don’t be thrown off by others’ preferences,” “A horizontal world,” and “A vertical world” to express his thoughts.

Yoon Jong Shin’s comments come amidst accusations of several artists’ chart manipulation. He is not the only one to comment on issues regarding music charts as recently Park Jin Young shared that JYP Entertainment and other agencies would b requesting investigations into digital chart manipulation.

Previously, Shaun was accused of chart manipulation of his song “Way Back Home” from his album “Take.” Nilo’s “Pass” also was accused of chart manipulation, with The Korea Management Federation (KMF) officially requesting the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to conduct an investigation into the matter.

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