12 Times Choo Sarang Was Super Relatable (And Super Adorable)

It was revealed a few months ago that Choo Sung Hoon and his family has moved to Hawaii. Now that the family is more or less out of the limelight, and with Sarang growing up to be a little lady, we can’t help but reminisce about her time on “The Return of Superman.” Through the show, she stole our hearts with her adorableness, her scrunchy smile, and her unwavering love for food.

And while we’ll never be as adorable as this tiny fluffy bundle, we do share many relatable moments in various parts of life! Here are just some of the moments when we could totally relate to Choo Sarang:

When it comes to our favorite celebrities:

When Sarang understood our love for the Song triplets…


…or for G-Dragon, too, for that matter.


When it comes to K-pop and K-dramas:

When someone tells us our favorite K-pop group or actor is…overrated (gasp!)


You should stop talking. Now.

When our favorite idol group or solo artist makes a comeback…


…and we rush to watch their latest V Live broadcast, only to have the internet stop working.


What have you forsaken me, internet?!

When we realize we have to put aside the dramas and shows, because, well, life.


Being responsible is so overrated! 

But most of the time, we’re really just pretending to be grown up anyway.

Guys, adulting is hard!

Especially if it’s early in the morning, and before the coffee.


Me. Every morning.

When it comes to life:

We go in wanting just a trim, but the hairdresser is grabbing more hair than necessary.


Us whenever there’s anything involving the needles, or the dentist:


When someone else takes our picture vs. when we take a selfie:

Though in Sarang’s case, it’s her Dad vs. her Mom.

But really, the thing we have the most in common with Sarang is — love for food!

Annoyed at someone or something? Yummy food is the answer!

Or having a bad day? Food won’t disappoint you!

We couldn’t stop even if we tried (not that we’re trying that hard)

Because, why come between a good thing, ammirite?

(Sidenote: Kids, overeating is bad for your health!)

How much do you miss little Sarang? And the Song triplets for that matter? And which picture/gif do you most identify with? Leave your comments below!

Belinda_C just wants to give Sarang a big, squeezy hug! Also, she’s loving SEVENTEEN’s latest comeback. Go support them! Shinhwa too!

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