5 Idols Who Are Their Own Groups’ Biggest Fans

K-pop groups have many fans – and sometimes including the members themselves! After all, who better to stan your own group than the group itself? It’s the ultimate level of fandom. Think you’re a big fan of these K-pop groups? Well think again, because nobody stans their own group like these idols do. Check out five of many idols who are their own groups’ ultimate fans!


N is all of us.

When VIXX LR was doing their first promotions, N visited them and cheered them on, not only as their leader, but also as their number one fan!

BTS’s Jin

Nobody stans BTS like Jin does! It doesn’t matter which country he’s in or what he’s doing, he always makes sure to spread BTS love!

Girl’s Day Minah

Girl’s Day had a very difficult time when they first debuted. To bring more recognition to the group, Minah took on a very difficult image in order to leave an impression on people and promote her group. She endured many hardships for the sake of her group and that alone makes her stan-worthy. She truly proved her status as the ultimate stan for Girl’s Day.

Wanna One and NU’EST’s Hwang Min Hyun

Hwang Min Hyun is someone with just so much love, and he doesn’t hold back in showing affection for both of his groups. As one of the eldest in Wanna One, he has been the sweetest supporter of the members and is not afraid to express his pride for the group. Throughout the past year though, he has also shown his support for NU’EST W when possible, like this time when he surprised fans with a video message at their fan meeting.

The ultimate Wannable and ㄴㅇㅅㅌ!

GOT7’s Jackson

Whether he’s flying solo or not, Jackson never fails to mention his love for GOT7 and his fellow members!

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