Dazzling Leads, Office Romances, And More: What To Watch After

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” was the K-drama of the summer and now that the series is over, I bet a lot of you are wondering what to watch next. The bad news is that this drama is one of a kind; but the good news is, there are certain elements about this series that you can find in other K-dramas!

Here’s a list of recommendations for things to watch if you’re having some serious withdrawal.


1. The dazzling male lead, Park Seo Joon

The male lead of the series, Young Joon (played by Park Seo Joon), has an “aura” that’s hard to shake. His arrogance is oddly endearing, and from the start of the series, we couldn’t hep but chuckle at his character. It’s easy to fall for him and we also know that it’s because Park Seo Joon is the one playing the character.

When Park Seo Joon is in a starring role, we know we can trust that the drama will be good. Almost every role he’s been in has been fun to watch and being that he’s one of the top actors in the industry at the moment, he delivers every character perfectly.


If you’ve fallen in love with Park Seo Joon and miss seeing him on the regular, you have to check out “Youn’s Kitchen 2.” It’s a variety show with cast members Lee Seo Jin, Jung Yu Mi, Park Seo Joon, and Youn Yuh Jung. They travel to Spain to open a restaurant and Park Seo Joon is the waiter – I know, can you believe it? Imagine Park Seo Joon serving your food at a restaurant.

His charm in this season’s episodes will make you fall in love with him even more. You’ll especially appreciate and be impressed with him speaking in Spanish.

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If you’re looking for a K-drama featuring our lovely male lead, there’s probably not a single K-drama he’s starred in that isn’t good to watch. From “A Witch’s Romance,” to “She Was Pretty,” all of his dramas are pretty good. But if I had to recommend one that was really enjoyable, it would have to be “Fight My Way.”


Park Seo Joon plays the aspiring MMA fighter, Ko Dong Man, who falls in love with his childhood friend, played by Kim Ji Won. Not only is Park Seo Joon’s character hilarious, the storyline is so relatable for many as it involves realistic characters who are striving desperately to achieve their dreams despite the obstacles that stand in their way.

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2. The rom-com factor

If you’re looking for another K-drama that is similar to “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim,” in that it’s got the funny factor along with an easy storyline and engaging cast, then I’d recommend watching “She Was Pretty.”

“She Was Pretty” also has the added bonus of starring Park Seo Joon. Not only is it funny, but it will also give you the similar feel of not being able to watch to watch the next week’s episodes. Park Seo Joon stars as Ji Sung Joon, an art director who gets a job at a fashion magazine company. He meets Kim Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) who he ends up falling in love with and realizes that he had known her when he was younger. The storyline is simple but charming, and you’ll get sucked right in!


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Another rom-com that is just as fun to watch is “The Greatest Love.” It’s a series that’s a little bit older, but the storyline is so good that it’s definitely worth the watch. Cha Seung Won as famous actor Dok Ko Jin is hilarious to watch and his character is a memorable one. He’s got some quirky attributes that make the series.


Not to mention, the love story he embarks on with Goo Ae Jung (Gong Hyo Jin) is seriously too cute and will have you rooting for them. It’s a series that will put you on a rollercoaster of emotions.

It’s a heart-warming and sweet series with a great second-lead, too (played by Yoon Kye Sang).

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3. Park Min Young’s beauty

It’s hard to get over how stunning Park Min Young is. Literally in every scene and outfit she wears, she looks flawless. On top of her beauty, she’s also an amazing actress and has several dramas under her belt that have been really good. My favorite series of hers is definitely “Healer.”


Park Min Young stars as reporter Chae Young Shin, who stumbles across a mysterious man named Seo Jung Hoo (Ji Chang Wook) who disguises himself. She becomes intrigued by this man, but doesn’t realize that he’s actually right under her nose.

It’s a series that has all the aspects of romance, action, and thrill. It’ll have you on the edge of your seat! On top of that, Park Min Young is just so adorable and beautiful in this series and her chemistry with co-star Ji Chang Wook is sizzling!


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Another series that really showcases Park Min Young’s beauty and skills as a talented actress is her role as Shin Chae Kyung in “Queen For Seven Days.”

It’s a heartbreaking historical story that will bring you a lot of feels. Grand Prince Lee Yuk, played by Yeon Woo Jin, is so passionate that you’ll find yourself submersed in their evolving relationship. There’s also the added bonus of a love triangle with the grand prince’s half brother, Lee Yoong (Lee Dong Gun).

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4. The boss falling in love with his employee plot

This is not an unfamiliar storyline in the K-drama world and we’re far from sick of it. Park Seo Joon in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” falls in love with his secretary, Kim Mi So – or, I guess we can say he was in love with her the whole time. Nonetheless, this boss and employee love story is adorable to see and if you’re looking for another K-drama with the same aspect, I’d recommend watching “Coffee Prince.”

“Coffee Prince” stars Gong Yoo as Choi Han Gyul, who owns a coffee shop, while Yoon Eun Hye plays Go Eun Chan, an employee who works for him. Because of her tom-boyish look, Han Gyul does not know that Eun Chan is actually female, but they end up forming a strong relationship which eventually leads to a romantic relationship.


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Hey Soompiers, how much are you missing “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”? Which of these shows or K-dramas are you going to watch next? Let me know in the comments below!

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