Ahn Jae Hyun And Lee Da Hee Confirmed To Join

Ahn Jae Hyun and Lee Da Hee will be joining Lee Min Ki and Seo Hyun Jin to take part in the upcoming JTBC drama “The Beauty Inside”!

After confirming its cast, “The Beauty Inside” has began the process of shooting for the drama.

“The Beauty Inside” is loosely based on the popular 2015 romantic comedy film of the same name. The drama will tell the love story of Han Se Gye (Seo Hyun Jin), an A-list actress who must spend one week out of each month living in someone else’s body, and Seo Do Jae (Lee Min Ki), a brilliant man who suffers from prosopagnosia (the inability to recognize other people’s faces), but is able to recognize only her.

Athough the original movie revolved around a man who woke up everyday in a different body, the drama will see the female lead becoming a different person once a month due to supernatural phenomena.

Seo Hyun Jin will be Han Se Gye, a troublemaking actress with a flurry of rumors surrounding her, famed for acting with “100 faces” and 100 types of acting. She is a top star nicknamed “100-Faced Beauty.” She suffers from a unique type of “magic” that makes her become a different person, but by entering into a complicated relationship with Seo Do Jae, they open the door to a secret world.

Lee Min Ki will act as Seo Do Jae, the director of an airline. Though he has an impressive appearance and is greatly intelligent, he suffers from prosopagnosia (the inability to recognize other people’s faces). In order to avoid hurting people’s feelings, he goes the extra mile to remember their small habits and even their walking pattern. He is a character that maintains perfection through this detailed effort. After meeting Han Se Gye, Do Jae’s life turns around.

Lee Da Hee will become Kang Sa Ra, a woman with the perfect life. She and Seo Do Jae are siblings from their parents’ second marriage, and she too carries herself with a beautiful appearance and impressive intelligence. Sa Ra, who aspires to surpass Do Jae, finds out Han Se Gye’s secret, and ends up meeting Se Gye’s friend, Ryu Eun Ho (played by Ahn Jae Hyun). She is taken in by his good nature and innocence.

Ahn Jae Hyun will return to the small screen after a year as Ryu Eun Ho. A prospective priest, his existence itself calms those around him as he’s as peaceful as the forest and radiates a refreshing energy to those around him. He also protects Han Se Gye’s secret as her close friend. After meeting Sa Ra, who tries to dig up Se Gye’s secret and puts her into constant trouble, his heart becomes like a storm.

The Monday-Tuesday drama will premiere following the broadcast of “Life.”

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