Wanna One Chooses Most Memorable Moments In The Past Year And Shares Hopes For Their Future

Wanna One celebrated their first debut anniversary with their fans on August 7 through a “lying down broadcast” on Naver’s V Live!

Yoon Ji Sung began, “Today was a day where we were congratulated all day. Today is the one year anniversary of our debut.” The members brought up how “I love you Wanna One” was a trending search term and thanked their fans.

Many of the members said that their one-year debut anniversary didn’t feel real. Kang Daniel said, “I think it’s half and half. It’s cool that a year has already passed by and I think time flew by really quickly. I want to thank Wannables for walking by our side till now.”

Hwang Min Hyun stated, “Thanks to Wannables, I was able to experience many new things. I’m very grateful for that. Time is passing by so quickly that I’m happy and sad.” Park Woo Jin added, “It flew by so quickly that I don’t know how it passed by. When I look back at our year, there are many memories.”

Thanking his members, Lai Guan Lin said, “I debuted six months after coming to Korea, so I learned a lot from the members and feel very grateful.”

Wanna One took time to talk about some of the changes that the members have gone through. Kim Jae Hwan stated, “I’m happy that my hidden dance skills have come alive. Thank you. There are many things I learned from the members about dance instincts. I’m still ambitious and will continue to work hard. I’ll grow and show you more of my dance instincts.”

Lai Guan Lin said, “I met many friends and have many new family members. I lived with my brothers and experienced many things, so I’m happy.” Bae Jin Young said, “I’m still very young, but people who’ve seen me for the first time in a while say that I’ve become very mature. I know that I’m still a baby, but they said that I’ve matured. I think that there may have been some physical changes.”

Park Woo Jin added, “I feel more responsible and have more interest in my job. I’m learning to learn and grow a lot.”

Ha Sung Woon revealed, “I learned a lot. Because I have dependable Wannables who give me lots of love, I think they’ve given me a reason to live and shown how the person Ha Sung Woon should live. I’m living with more confidence and more motivation. I feel grateful about that.”

Park Ji Hoon said, “I think I felt things after I debuted that I couldn’t feel when I was a trainee. I think I changed in the way that I think about finding my weaknesses so that I can figure out what fans will like more. I also look for and watch senior artists’ videos. I also think more about improving and working hard while watching the members. I think I feel a change in those kinds of ways.”

Lee Dae Hwi added, “After I debuted, I feel more responsible about each and every one of my actions, and think that we should be role models for younger people and fans.” Ong Seong Woo, who is known for saying emotional things to his fans, said, “Everything that I do is for Wannables. Aren’t there subtle, little things that we do?”

Wanna One then looked back at their year together and chose their most memorable moments. Yoon Ji Sung chose the group’s first win on a music show and Park Ji Hoon described it as, “The moment that I’ll never forget in my life.”

Hwang Min Hyun and Kim Jae Hwan chose their debut showcase. They said, “We were so nervous and excited at Gocheok Sky Dome. I remember it and can’t describe that feeling in words.” Kim Jae Hwan added, “The weight of our first performance at Gocheok Sky Dome and Wannables’ screams that shone bright like stars touched my heart. I still remember the feelings of nervousness and excitement.”

Ha Sung Woon stated, “I remember winning Best Male Group at MAMA and the moment that all 11 of us got together on the final day of ‘Produce 101.’ I look back at those memories and sometimes search for videos.”

Bae Jin Young added, “I think the world tour that we’re currently doing is the most memorable. We meet Wannables all around the world. This is a rare opportunity and I’m so happy that I get to meet Wannables. Getting to perform in front of Wannables is like a dream.”

Lee Dae Hwi said, “I remember a lot of things, but I remember the first solo concert that we did not too long ago. We held a concert a year later, at the place where we had our debut. A year ago, I was so nervous that I wasn’t that relaxed. But now, I’m able to communicate with fans.”

Ong Seong Woo revealed, “There’s a song that I like called ‘Time’ (literal title) by Kim Do Hyang. In the song, there are lyrics, ‘If I could turn back time, where would I go? But they were all happy moments and I can’t choose one second.’ I relate a lot to these lyrics. I was happy in all of those moments.”

Speaking about Hwang Min Hyun’s performance on the second day of Wanna One’s solo concert, Lai Guan Lin said, “I remember the most when Min Hyun revealed his abs. When all 11 of us are on stage with the same goal, it looks so cool. I remember every second.”

Wanna One also talked about some of their funniest moments together and brought up the members’ rap battle. Hwang Min Hyun then showed off his rap skills to Kang Daniel and Park Woo Jin’s parts in “Energetic.”

The members spent the rest of the broadcast asking each other questions and talked about 10 years from now. Bae Jin Young said, “We’re going to meet as more improved versions of ourselves.” Many members including Ha Sung Woon added, “After 10 years, we’ll all be adults, so I want to drink together.”

Park Woo Jin, who turned 20 this year, added, “When I’m 30, I want to show you a dignified look. I’ll be taller, grow my mustache a bit, and drive a car.” Kang Daniel joked that he would tease the members going to the military after he gets discharged. The members also added that they hoped to go on a trip together a year from now.

The group ended the broadcast with an ASMR version of “I.P.U.” for their fans. They also read out loud the names of their fans and wished them good night.

Happy anniversary to Wanna One!

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