Jo Jae Hyun Releases Statement In Response To New Sexual Assault Accusations And Promises Strong Legal Action

Jo Jae Hyun has threatened legal action against MBC’s “PD Notebook.”

On August 8, Jo Jae Hyun released a statement through his legal representation Hies. This was in response to a Korean-Japanese actress’s claims that she was sexually assaulted in the bathroom of a broadcasting station by Jo Jae Hyun when she was 16 years old.

These accusations against Jo Jae Hyun were also featured in a recent episode of the investigative journalism program “PD Notebook.”

Jo Jae Hyun began, “‘PD Notebook’ distorted the truth by broadcasting the claims of only one party and did not guarantee the right of reply to the parties involved. This is a serious offense. I intend to take strong action to threats, reports, and malicious comments due to false information. I have filed a lawsuit against the Korean-Japanese actress for blackmail, and will continue to actively take legal action in the future.”

In response to the Korean-Japanese actress’s claims, Jo Jae Hyun explained, “She quit acting because it was revealed that she had paid tens of millions of won to a drama writer to unfairly appear in a drama. I’ve never sexually assaulted her and it’s not true that we had sexual intercourse in the bathroom.”

He continued, “Her claims that she can’t get married and can’t have children are unrelated to me and are not true. We did have consensual sexual intercourse, but due to her mother’s threats, I was blackmailed out of 100 million won (approximately $90,000) for over 10 years. It’s true that she recently requested 300 million won (approximately $268,000). It was distorted as if I destroyed a woman’s life.”

He added, “‘PD Notebook’ edited it to make it seem as if the one-sided claims of the Korean-Japanese actress were the truth. They didn’t contact me, who was the one directly involved, and didn’t guarantee my right to reply. A source from ‘PD Notebook’ said that they met with the Korean-Japanese actress’s lawyer and checked that the Korean-Japanese actress and her mother first requested 1 billion won (approximately $894,000), and then requested 300 million won (approximately $268,000) instead at the persuasion of their lawyer. My lawyer also said this, but this was not aired on the broadcast. There’s a problem in reporting on a case that is currently under investigation.”

Jo Jae Hyun then responded to accusations by a woman called “H” who has stated that she was sexually harassed by the actor at a team dinner at a karaoke bar 10 years ago. She said that Jo Jae Hyun followed her into a stall in the bathroom, where he threatened her and sexually harassed her by kissing her by force. After over five minutes of struggle, she managed to leave the bathroom.

He stated, “This isn’t true at all. My representative stated that this wasn’t true, but this was not mentioned. It was broadcast as if one party’s claims were the truth. It was such a one-sided broadcast. After director Kim Ki Duk brought up a lawsuit for defamation due to the previous episode, I can only see it as a way for them to avoid responsibility for a biased broadcast by accusing Kim Ki Duk and me of being shameless men.”

He concluded, “I’m currently self-reflecting after everything related to the Me Too movement, but I intend to take strong action in response to threats for money using false information, reports that are broadcast based on unverified false information, and malicious comments due to these broadcasts. I’ve already filed a lawsuit against the Korean-Japanese actress for blackmail and will continue to aggressively take legal action.”

Jo Jae Hyun was first accused of sexual harassment this February by actress Choi Yul. He admitted his wrongdoing and resigned from his professorship at Kyungsung University, and was also removed from the drama “Cross.”

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