Hwang Min Hyun Thanks Fans For A Memorable Birthday And Talks About Special Moments

On August 9, Wanna One and NU’EST’s Hwang Min Hyun held a V Live broadcast to talk to fans about his birthday and answered some of their questions.

He began, “I think I received congratulations from so many people. I’ve been a bit busy. I received a lot of congratulatory messages from people around me and also went into the fan cafe to read what many fans wrote.”

“I didn’t get to go to all of them, but there were many birthday ads on buses and subways, and even at the center of a really bustling street downtown,” he said.

He continued, “I’m not the type to put a big emphasis on my birthday, so there were many times where I spent my birthday alone or was overseas. But this year, I feel like I’ve received so much love and celebration, so I’m happy.”

Talking about how his fellow Wanna One members congratulated him on his birthday,  Hwang Min Hyun said, “At midnight, Ha Sung Woon was the first person to call me to wish me a happy birthday. It made me think that he takes good care of me, especially since we’re roommates.”

He added, “Ha Sung Woon bought me Korean food for my birthday. I ate seaweed soup and ate a lot. I ate meat during the course meal too. I like Korean food, and Sung Woon knew that so he took me to a delicious Korean restaurant.”

Many fans celebrated Hwang Min Hyun’s birthday by putting up ads at subway stations, buses, cafes, and on TV. He revealed, “My parents said that they waited to watch the TV ad. My parents seem to like it even more than me. My mom even secretly went to see the fans’ ads. She said she wanted to take photos, but couldn’t because there were many people there taking photos. I told her to go again tomorrow.”

Hwang Min Hyun then said that he also went to see his birthday ad at a movie theater in Apgujeong. “It was a weekday at 4 p.m. so I thought that there wouldn’t be many people there, but there were many people who came to watch movies and many people who came to see the ad,” he said. “I bought a grapefruit juice, but felt like I was causing an inconvenience, so I left immediately. It was a shame that I couldn’t watch a movie, but I saw the fans’ efforts, so I was really happy.”

Hwang Min Hyun also updated fans on what he’s been up to. He said, “I bought a Japanese vocabulary book and have been studying. I felt like it was a waste because I was forgetting everything I studied in the past, so I’m studying Japanese on the plane and whenever I have time.”

The singer previously showed off his rap skills during Wanna One’s lying down broadcast (LieV) for their one year debut anniversary. Laughing, he commented, “I like rap, but after the LieV, it was said that I’m definitely a vocalist. I’m not good at it, but I like it. We’re on a world tour these days and at rehearsals for the world tour, each one of us does a mic test. I rap at that time.”

He added, “I think I’m going to have to rap as my hobby. If people say that I’m good at it, then I may do it at an official event, so please just say that it’s fun.”

After Hwang Min Hyun announced that he would be ending his V Live at his “birthday time” of 8:09 p.m., he sang Paul Kim’s song and SHINee’s “View” for his fans. His agency’s employees also surprised him for his birthday and he blew out candles on a birthday cake.

He concluded, “Today is the day my mom went through hardships to give birth to me. I want to thank my mom and dad. More than anything, I’m really thankful that our Wannables congratulated me a lot.”

Wanna One will end their world tour with a final concert in Manila on September 1.

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