Broadcasting Stations See Another Surge In Audition Programs

Another influx of audition show programs is about to hit the air.

Currently, the three major public broadcasting networks are preparing to launch audition programs.

Up first is KBS’s “Dancing High” which will air its first episode on September 7. The first filming took place on August 5. Though it limited its contestant pool to dancers in their teens, the show boasts fierce competition, with only one out of 70 contestants earning a spot among the 43 teams formed during the first recording. Along with dance coaches Highlight’s Lee Gikwang, Lee Howon, WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon, Lia Kim, and Just Jerk, the contestants will form new teams. The final winning team will be given the opportunity to train abroad. Other past dancing survival programs include Mnet’s “Dancing 9” and JTBC’s “WHYNOT—The Dancer.”

Next in November, producing-director Park Sung Hoon behind SBS’s “K-Pop Star” and “Fantastic Duo“‘s Kim Young Wook will be collaborating on “The Fan.” The key point of the audition program is that it will focus on the fans, rather than the judges, which is somewhat similar to Mnet’s “Produce 101,” where fans become “the nation’s producers” to form a group. The format for “The Fan” is still in the planning stages.

MBC”s “Under 19” is also slated to air in November, with the goal of airing in the first week. Currently, it appears as though it will be following a similar format of audition programs, where the final contestants will form an idol group at the end. Contestants are limited to those in their teens.

With the popularity of Mnet’s “Produce 101” as well as the current popularity of “Produce 48,” it appears that many broadcasting stations are attempting to capitalize and re-produce those programs’ syndrome-creating effects.

A source from the broadcasting industry stated, “Though it’s true that viewers are becoming tired of audition programs, the same can be said of other genres in variety shows. [For instance] observational variety, family variety, travel variety, and more. There aren’t a lot of variety shows that break away from the norm. Also, seeing that many contestants continue to gather, it’s clear that there is a need for audition programs. It’s up to the production staff to make it more new and more fun, as well as format and edit it in their own way.

Which show are you most interested in?

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