Chinese “Produce 101” Responds To Withdrawal Of WJSN’s Xuan Yi And Mei Qi

The Chinese version of “Produce 101” has responded to Yuehua Entertainment’s statement on Xuan Yi and Mei Qi’s withdrawal from project group Rocket Girls.

The show stated on August 9 through the Chinese “Produce 101” and Rocket Girls’s official Weibo accounts, “There is no legal basis for Yuehua Entertainment’s announcement stating the termination of Xuan Yi and Mei Qi’s contracts. We hope they will honor the exclusive management rights regarding Xuan Yi and Mei Qi.”

Previously, Yuehua Entertainment had stated that “unreasonable and unmanageable schedule arrangements [would] cause mental stress and physical harm” to its artists. They stated this as one reason for withdrawing the girls from the group.

Mei Qi and Xuan Yi joined the group after coming in first and second place respectively on the show.

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