3 Things To Look Forward To In Song Ji Hyo’s New Drama “Lovely Horribly”

KBS 2TV’s highly-anticipated new drama “Lovely Horribly” kicks off tonight!

Ahead of its premiere on August 13, here are three reasons why so many people are already looking forward to the show:

1. The birth of a never-before-seen genre

Unlike most dramas, “Lovely Horribly” doesn’t fit neatly into any one genre. Described as a “horror romantic comedy,” the drama will freely mix elements of horror, romance, melodrama, and comedy. “Lovely” at times and “horrible” at others, it will tell the story of a man and woman who share a mysterious zero-sum fate: one’s happiness always results in the other’s misfortune.

2. An award-winning script and unique premise

“Lovely Horribly” was the Grand Prize winner of KBS’s drama and miniseries screenwriting competition last year, and it has attracted attention for its unusual “zero-sum romance.”

Writer Park Min Joo commented, “When you end up loving someone more [than he/she loves you], you become anxious and feel as though you’ve gotten the short end of the stick. And when it seems as though the other person doesn’t love you as much as you love him/her, you wind up always testing and doubting [your lover]. [I wanted to portray] the journey of the foolish lover who, in that situation, gives up on his/her own happiness in order to try to hold on to that person.”

3. A star-studded cast with great chemistry

“Lovely Horribly” boasts an impressive cast led by Park Shi Hoo and Song Ji Hyo, who will star as the ill-fated Yoo Philip and Oh Eul Soon. Philip is a highly successful A-list actor whose luck never seems to run out, while Eul Soon is an unlucky drama writer for whom nothing ever goes according to plan.

In addition to the strong chemistry between the two leads, Song Ji Hyo reportedly also shares undeniable chemistry with another co-star: Highlight’s Lee Gikwang. Lee Gikwang will play the role of Lee Sung Joong, an up-and-coming drama producing director (PD) who is head over heels in love with Eul Soon. Sung Joong also harbors a surprising secret—he is able to see ghosts.

T-ara’s Eunjung will play Shin Yoon Ah, Philip’s girlfriend and a beloved actress who hides a surprising twist of her own, while Choi Yeo Jin will play Ki Eun Young, a famous and successful drama writer who betrays her best friend Eul Soon and later finds herself swept up in a mysterious incident.

The producers of the drama remarked, “‘Lovely Horribly’ is armed with unique weapons that belong to ‘Lovely Horribly’ alone: a new and exciting premise, refreshing characters, and flawless chemistry between the actors. We ask that you look forward to this unusual horror romantic comedy, which will deliver exciting laughs, sweet romance, and even spooky horror on the sweltering summer nights to come.”

“Lovely Horribly” premieres on August 13 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.

In the meantime, check out the trailer below!

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