Red Velvet Reveals Which Member Is Weakest To The Heat And Talks About Wendy's Canadian Home

Red Velvet recently appeared as guests on the August 16 broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” and talked about withstanding the heat and Wendy’s home in Canada.

During the broadcast, when asked which member fared the worst in the summer, the Red Velvet members picked Yeri.

Yeri revealed, “I think I’m the one who is affected by the heat a lot. While filming outside [for a music video], I’ve even thrown up because of the heat.” Joy added on, “Seulgi and Yeri are the most active, so that’s why those two are weak to the heat.”

On the other hand, Irene was picked as the member who was most resilient to the heat. Joy remarked, “[Irene] and I are the type to enjoy the heat. One time, the air conditioner in Irene’s room broke on a day when there were warnings for a heat wave. Irene just withstood the heat as if [the room] were a sauna and slept there.”

The members then stated, “We all can’t stand the cold,” causing Choi Hwa Jung to say, “It’s because no one is from the countryside.”

Later, Seulgi and Wendy talked about their appearance on “Battle Trip.” Wendy said, “We went [to Austria] for only a short duration. I want to go again with the members for a longer time.”

Joy then added, “We want to go to Wendy’s Canadian house together.” Wendy agreed and replied, “Come. I’ll take care of the food and lodging.”

Joy revealed, “I heard Wendy’s home has 50 rooms,” while Wendy replied back, “Joy, what are you talking about,” clearly flustered. Wendy then laughed and admitted, “We moved around a lot, so I don’t know how many rooms are in my house either.”

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