H.O.T. Members Share Thoughts On First Official Group Concert In 17 Years

H.O.T.’s Kangta, Tony Ahn, and Moon Hee Jun spoke excitedly about their first concert in 17 years.

On August 17, Kangta spoke about the upcoming concert at a press conference for MBC’s new program “My Life’s Song — Song One” (literal title).

He began, “We’re full of excitement as we prepare for it. It was recently officially announced that H.O.T. will be performing as a whole group. On ‘Song One,’ we share stories about memories from before our debut with the guests. I talked about my stories too, and it helped me become more emotionally immersed while preparing for the concert.”

He added, “I found the energy that I felt in the past, so I think I’ll be able to show it at this H.O.T. concert. The synergy is good on both sides.”

On the same day, Tony An shared a photo of him making finger hearts along with a sweet message in Korean and English.

He wrote, “After an announcement for the concert, many people expressed gratitude towards me. But in my opinion, I really should thank all of our fans because you waited such a long time for this moment! So I want to thank each one of you and let’s have a wonderful time in 2018 together! Also, I want to give you my finger hearts. See you in October! And sorry my English may not be good enough. It’s difficult using English for the first time in a while.”

On August 14, Moon Hee Jun was asked about the concert during his radio program KBS Cool FM’s “Moon Hee Jun’s Music Show.” He stated, “It’s really the first time in 17 years. I’m really excited. Being able to perform…Many articles were published about us performing and there were times when we made [the fans and public] feel tired.”

Referring to H.O.T.’s performance on MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” he continued, “We wanted to show the five of us on stage together and we thought about the concert even more seriously after performing together on a TV program. I think I’ll be able to tell you more specific things when more things are officially confirmed.”

H.O.T. will hold their concert sometime in October. The exact date and venue will be later announced by concert promoters PRM. This will be the first H.O.T. concert in 17 years since their last concert on February 27, 2001 at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

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