BTOB's Eunkwang Writes Letter To Fans On Enlistment Day

BTOB member Eunkwang is enlisting in the army on August 21, and he has shared a letter on Instagram for his fans as well as a picture of himself with his new hair for his military service!

Eunkwang’s letter as is follows:

“To Melody,

“Hello! Melody! My people! I’m BTOB’s first leader, Seo Eunkwang, haha. It’s been a really long time since I’ve written a letter by hand, haha… I’m not sure what I should say first. Hmm… first off! Thank you so much for giving me and BTOB the gift of happiness, gratefulness, unchanging passion for singing, a reason to sing, the motivation to work hard, and the strength to get up even when we’re so exhausted we feel we might collapse. I’ll never forget it and will continue to feel like this! Our Melody, I pray that you will feel the same way as I do, that we’ll be this kind of a precious thing to each other, and that we’ll be helpful companions who support and help each other’s dreams.

“Whew, my admission ceremony starts in exactly 14 hours! I shaved my head, haha. It’s the first time I’ve shaved my head in 10 years since I used to have this hairstyle in middle school and high school, and it feels really refreshing and comfortable, haha. It’s very hot outside!! I recommend this hairstyle!! Haha. Anyway…!! I’ll come back healthy, be safe, and work hard! So our Melody, don’t get sick either, take care of your health, be sure to eat regularly, don’t be late for school or work, wash your hands with soap when you get home! More than anything, our BTOB! Please take care of our second leader Minhyuk and the younger members!! I’m not worried about them because they’re really cool guys but… Our Melody, you have to always give them strength and cheer them on.

“Ah, I miss everyone. Our BTOB and Melody. I can still see the glimmering blue ocean from our concert a few days ago, hehe. Okay!! Let’s work hard until the day we meet again while thinking about that kind of beautiful memory, our precious memories from the past almost seven years!! I truly am so grateful and love you so much, as much as the sky, the earth, and the universe!! I love you, Melody! Forever!”

Eunkwang will be enlisting as an active duty soldier on August 21. Recently, the group decided through a game in a V Live broadcast that Minhyuk will be taking over as leader during his absence.

We’ll miss you, Eunkwang!

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