DIA Opens Up About 1st Music Show Win

On August 21, DIA sat down for an interview and talked about their feelings on scoring their first music show win.

After coming back with their album “Summer Ade” and winning No. 1 on SBS MTV’s “The Show” on August 14 with their title track “WooWoo,” DIA were ecstatic.

Yebin stated, “While on hiatus for 10 months, we prepared hard. We were earnest about our comeback, and we were scared that fans had stopped loving us, but thankfully we were able to win No. 1. It was a win on the first week after our comeback in 10 months. Our album hadn’t even been released. We’re still lacking, but all we could say was ‘Thank you for loving us.'”

Their music show win was especially meaningful for DIA. Huiyeon remarked, “While working on our album, the members felt a lot of pressure. The thought that we would have to promote as if it were our last album was big. That’s why we worked hard, but also felt pressured.” She continued, “Our win on ‘The Show’ was so touching. It was a feeling of achieving something. It became a huge motivation [for us].”

Jooeun followed, “DIA’s first win was so moving. I’m more thankful to fans than I am happy about the win. I saw fans crying while we were on our way back home [after the music show], and my heart hurt. Seeing that they were happier than us and deeply moved, it made me realize that from now on, we would have to become singers that can move fans.”

Jenny responded, “This is DIA’s fourth year. To be honest, if it doesn’t work well even after three years, the feelings of anxiety grow. We did rest during those 10 months, and felt pressured that if it doesn’t work out this time, we would become a group that can’t make it. After winning No. 1, I’ve let go of those thoughts a little, and began to hope that we can do it if we work hard.”

Eunchae said, “When we were announced winners on ‘The Show,’ it didn’t feel real. After giving our award speech, I was nervous and still couldn’t believe it. Our song was played near the ending for the first time, so I cried a lot. That’s when it began to feel real. I feel like we were given this gift to work harder and to be better.”

Somi expressed, “Honestly, there was only a 34-vote difference between us and the other No. 1 contender, VIXX’s Leo. Fans would jokingly say they would get us a No. 1, but I think they worked hard for us. I began to think that I should sing for the fans even more.”

Jenny revealed, “Originally, rather than winning No. 1, we wanted to promote DIA’s name and show off individual members. To be honest, [winning] No. 1 was not a priority. After winning on ‘The Show,’ however, I want to win on a public network as well. I also thought that we would have to raise our goals for our music streaming site rankings.”

DIA was able to keep their winning promise of wearing cat costumes while on stage. This was revealed to be Jung Chaeyeon’s idea. Huihyeon said, “Every time we made a comeback, we would make winning promises, but this is the first time we’ve been able to fulfill it. We made a practical promise, so we did it yesterday as well.”

After reaching their goal of winning No. 1, DIA revealed that their next target was winning on public networks as well. Yebin also stated with a smile, “We want to perform at the year-end award ceremonies, too. We’ve come to have those goals and state-of-minds. I think we’ve had good influences.”

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