Watch: SEVENTEEN's Vernon And PENTAGON's Hongseok Are Dedicated Tutors For New Variety Show

Not only are SEVENTEEN’s Vernon and PENTAGON’s Hongseok talented idols, but they’re amazing teachers as well!

On the August 23 broadcast of Mnet’s “Tutor,” Vernon and Hongseok appeared as English and Chinese language tutors.

First, Vernon made his appearance in the episode by sitting casually in his student Esther Yoo’s room and greeting her when she opened the door. He revealed, “I’m your English tutor starting today.”

In response, his student hilariously remarked, “A fairy suddenly appeared just for me. His looks in real life are no joke. I’m touched.” In front of Vernon, however, Esther couldn’t hold in her surprise and asked, “Is this real life,” her hands shaking. She couldn’t hold back her fangirl feelings as she told Vernon, “I watched all your videos. My favorite song is ‘Don’t Wanna Cry,’ I kept listening to it. It’s so good. I really didn’t know you would come. I’m really so shocked.”

Later, Vernon checked Esther’s report card, but was taken aback by her scores. Esther changed the topic by mentioning her electric violin, and even played a cover of ‘Oh My!’ for Vernon.

After seeing her performance, Vernon remarked, “I was able to accept her scores after seeing her violin skills. She was able to play the song right after I played it. I was really surprised. I’m honored to teach a violin prodigy.”

Afterwards, Vernon took the next step into giving Esther a language level test. After seeing Esther write the number 13 as ‘tree tean,’ the color purple as ‘people,’ and umbrella as ‘umbllela,’ he taught her the different between “R” sounds and “L” sounds.

He went on to say, “You’re at an elementary school student’s level right now, but you can catch up quickly. I’ll take responsibility.” Esther revealed, “Being in the same room as Vernon had my heart beating fast, so I thought I should work hard.”

Vernon continued to teach Esther in a calm state. Esther remarked, “[Vernon] kindly taught me well. I was able to learn a lot thanks to him. I think I really succeeded.” Vernon later gave Esther homework, and recorded himself reciting vocabulary words to help her practice her English pronunciation.

As the class ended, Vernon gave her a reality check as he stated, “We’re going to take a test during our next class, but if you don’t score 90 points or higher, our classes will automatically be cancelled.”

When it came time to see Hongseok as a tutor, the panelists of “Tutor” were surprised to see him driving himself to his student’s home.

Before meeting his student, he stated, “Our Chinese member Yanan told me that if he was a level 10 in Chinese, I’d be a level 7. However, because I’m humble, I’ll give myself a level 5.”

Hongseok prepared hard for his role as a tutor for a whole week before he actually met his student. One day, he met with his other member Yeowon and expressed his nervousness. Asking Yeowon for advice, Hongseok tried to think of ways to help his student become more familiar with the language. Yeowon offered, “Perhaps studying with a topic they enjoy would help them.” Hongseok was pleasantly surprised by his great advice and agreed readily.

On another day, Hongseok took his role as tutor seriously by going to the book store himself to buy his student her textbook. As the days counted by, he would consult with his own Chinese teacher, and hold discussions with Yanan in Chinese to practice. He revealed that he worked hard so he could teach his student to the best of his abilities.

Finally, when it came time to meet his student, he learned that she was a PENTAGON fan. When they met, she couldn’t hold back her surprise at seeing him, and stated, “I thought my heart would explode. An idol I like [calling] my name,” ending her sentence with a pleased smile.

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