Reasons Why Yoon Doojoon Is The Perfect Leader For Highlight, Loved By Members And Fans Alike

Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon enlisted on August 24, and his presence is already missed.

Before his enlistment, the members took to their social media accounts to send heartfelt messages to Yoon Doojoon, who is also the group’s leader. Yoon Doojoon also penned a touching letter to fans.

For the last nine years, he has been well-respected by his fans but most importantly, his fellow members. Not only is he a great listener but he’s also someone the members depend on.

Here are five moments that cement why Yoon Doojoon is a model leader:

1. Seeing his fellow member feeling bad about a mistake made on stage, Yoon Doojoon tried to get his spirits back up

At a concert, Yang Yoseob was singing a high note in “Fiction” when his voice cracked. Known for being a perfectionist who doesn’t usually make mistakes, Yang Yoseob’s head drooped after his error. Seeing this, Yoon Doojoon got Yang Yoseob’s attention and gave him a thumbs up telling him it was okay.

2. Even with a busy schedule, he is loyal to his members

No matter how busy he is, Yoon Doojoon always showed up to his members’ individual performances. The reason was so that he could tell his members he’s cheering them on in person. The attention he gives to each member shows how sensitive and sweet he is.

3. His thoughtfulness towards not only his members but also the staff

In 2013, Yang Yoseob shared a message Yoon Doojoon had sent in a group chat. In it, Yoon Doojoon said, “When you ride a palanquin, don’t think about the height but think about the shoulders of the people who are lifting you up first. Let’s encourage the staff and wrap this up well. Heart.”

The members were deeply moved after seeing the way Yoon Doojoon cared for the staff who helped Highlight be who they are today.

Other staff members, such as those who were working on “Let’s Eat,” have also shared how Yoon Doojoon gave them hot packs whenever they were filming in the cold.

4. His leadership, especially in unexpected situations

When his members experience surprising situations on stage, Yoon Doojoon is always the first one to react. When a mic isn’t working or when the members fall or make a mistake, he immediately steps in to fix the issue.

His leadership skills shine in the way he reacts quickly to changing situations.

5. His humble attitude towards his fans after all this time

Whether it’s winning on a music or awards show, Yoon Doojoon always thanks his fans. Even after the show, he remembers to thank his fans through social media. This attribute of his is probably the reason why, even after nine years, he is continuously loved by his fans.

What are some other reasons you love Yoon Doojoon?

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