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We’re rapidly counting down to the finale of “Produce 48,” where we’ll see the final 12 girls take their seats on the pyramid, right on the brink of their debut. This season’s rankings have been fluctuating greatly, giving us those made-for-TV dramatic moments! It undoubtedly has to do with the wonderful performances the girls turn in, as we discover new sides to them every time they slay on stage.

So, as we’re gearing up for the finale (which will be airing at an earlier time slot), let’s look back at some of the more outstanding performances from episodes 6 to 11, and also celebrate some of the talented girls who were eliminated too early!

(Note: Listed in no particular order, and there are no direct mentions of ranking results, so safe reading ahead!)

1. “The Truth Untold” (BTS Feat. Steve Aoki)

There’s something so intimate about this performance by Miyazaki Miho, Jang Gyu Ri, Iwatate Saho, and Taeuchi Miyu. I knew it was going to be good the moment we heard Miyu’s breathy first lines, and they certainly didn’t disappoint in giving the song the emotional depth it deserves. This was a beautiful performance for the ears, the eyes, and the soul!

2. “Into The New World” (Girls’ Generation)

This version by Kim Chae Won, Heo Yun Jin, Yabuki Nako, Goto Moe, and Chiba Erii was a more ballad version that really showcased their vocals. I hadn’t paid much attention to Yun Jin as a vocalist before, but wow, this performance put her on the map for me! And Nako with that high note? *Applauds*

3. “Sorry Not Sorry” (Demi Lovato)

Kwon Eun Bi, An Yu Jin, Lee Chae Yeon, Choi Ye Na, and Ko Yu Jin turned in a fierce performance here. The editing where they slowed down some of the moves, or zoomed out on Chae Yeon’s kick, just made the whole thing even more electrifying. Most of the girls shot up my own personal ranking list after this performance.

4. “Merry Chri” (BoA)

To be honest, I have no idea what the girls are singing here (not that I understand too much Korean either). But even without understanding this Japanese song sung by Park Hae Yoon, Yoon Hae Sol, Kim Na Young, Aramaki Misaki, Sato Minami, and Kim So Hee, I was still feeling emotional while hearing it. This is a definite testament to how well these girls portrayed the song. Hae Yoon and Hae Sol in particular really stood out with their mesmerizing vocals.

5. “Don’t Know You” (Heize)

Heize is known for her emotional songs that touch something inside you, and the quartet of Han Cho Won, Yu Min Young, Kang Hye Won, and Park Min Ji surely did her proud. From Cho Won’s and Min Ji’s vocal acrobatics to Min Young’s killer rap, the energy between the girls on stage was just amazing. They really delivered a winning performance!

6. “Instruction” (Jax Jones)

Son Eun Chae, Kim Hyun Ah, Nakanishi Chiyori, Kim Su Yun, Wang Ke, and Lee Ha Eun turned in a high energy and super groovy dance performance for their position evaluation. Knowing that these girls went out and slayed it despite being underdogs makes for a stage to remember!

7. “Rumor”

This team of Kwon Eun Bi, Kim Si Hyeon, Murase Sae, Lee Si An, and Han Cho Won sound and look like a girl group that has already debuted! Their stage presence and charisma are off the charts, and each of the girls stood out in their own way. And those group body rolls towards the end? *Fans self!*

8. “To Reach You”

I’m not usually a fan of overly sweet songs, and this performance by Kim Chae Won, Na Go Eun, Yabuki Nako, Jang Gyu Ri, and Jo Yu Ri was very sweet. (Those puffy dresses!) But I’ll give credit where credit is due, especially to the vocal twins of Go Eun and Yu Ri. It was a stroke of genius to split the high notes between them, which gave both of them the chance to awe the audience. And Chae Won’s and Nako’s visuals are made for this song!

Bonus: Break time dance break

[Warning: Eliminated trainees ahead, so skip down if you haven’t caught up]

Thank you Mnet for airing this dance break, because it was all sorts of fun, and brought back many fond memories of these eliminated trainees. Some of these trainees definitely have the star quality and talent to capture your attention, even amongst so many others. It’s nice to see them again having fun and having the crowd cheer for them!

Which “Produce 48” performance did you absolutely love? Any that did not make this list? Leave your comments below!

Belinda_C is super bummed that many of her favorites didn’t make the top 20. She was literally yelling at her screen at the travesty of it all! She’ll probably go re-watch Shinhwa on “2 Days & 1 Night” to cheer herself up.

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