BTS Shares Their Own Analysis Of The Reasons Behind Their Phenomenal Success

On August 26, BTS held a press conference ahead of their Seoul concert for the “BTS World Tour ‘Love Yourself.'”

Their new album, “Love Yourself: Answer,” has already seen huge success on iTunes charts, and their title track “IDOL” recorded an impressive number of YouTube views in 24 hours. Meanwhile, their past album, “Love Yourself: Tear,” set new records on the Billboard charts. Many media outlets in the past year or two have analyzed the reasons behind BTS’s phenomenal success, with several reporters suggesting that their savvy social media use and self-developed content might be the keys to their rise.

When asked about their own analysis of their success, BTS said it was their music and their message. Suga said, “When we debuted, we started with the stories of school and youth. We have told stories about being human from the very beginning, and it was something we’d planned on before we even debuted. We think that our worldview has also expanded bit by bit. I think that in analyzing BTS’s popularity, it is wrong to say that it was just because of social media.”

He added, “Of course it’s due to our fans that we received so much love, but I think that people started paying attention to us because we focused on the music and messages that we thought were important. They listened to our thoughts and took greater interest in what we had to say. People didn’t search us up just because of social media.”

RM said, “I think that what Suga said is very true. If I were to add to it, I would say that ‘I Need You’ was our starting point. Before ‘I Need You,’ not a lot of people knew who we were, but it’s clear that after that the ‘HWYH’ series found success.”

He continued, “We think that it’s about consistency. Even new fans seek out our old albums. When ‘No More Dream’ came out, the stories we were best able to tell at the time were about school. As the members went into their 20s, ‘youth’ became the starting point, and so on until it became a catalyst.”

About the “universality of pop music,” he said, “There are a lot of driving forces [behind our success], but I think the main one is faithfulness to the essentials. We are singers and idols, so the place you can see our final product will always be a concert. Concerts and albums. If you love music, it’s even more important that you stay faithful to the essentials. I think that the public is now able to discern the difference between sincere and ‘sincere.’ It’s hard to convey sincerity clearly. We try hard to show our true thoughts, so I think that that was able to overcome the language barriers and touch other people’s hearts as well.”

BTS’s world tour will cover more than 30 concerts across 16 cities, kicking off in Seoul on August 25 and ending in February 2019.

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