Park Bo Young Talks About Her Cooking Skills And Friendship With Lee Kwang Soo

Park Bo Young made a surprise guest appearance on “Tasty Guys”!

On August 31, ComedyTV’s “Tasty Guys” comedians Moon Se Yoon, Kim Joon Hyun, Yoo Min Sang, and Kim Min Kyung had their bags packed ready to go on part two of their same-day international food tour. However, they quickly realized they were going to a local French restaurant.

When they arrived, they were surprised to see five seats and started guessing who could possibly be the guest. After many ridiculous guesses, Park Bo Young appeared, which made Moon Se Yoon spill his water. In reference to the show, the actress said, “I really like this show. I watch it a lot when I eat. I frequently eat at home by myself and watching it makes my food taste better.”

After playing a game, Park Bo Young continued to share her love for the show. She stated, “I watch it when I’m eating alone. I watch it even when I’m on a diet. I try to resist temptations when I’m working but if I see gamjatang [pork bone soup] on the show, I eat it the next day. I also went to a bossam [boiled pork belly] kimchi restaurant that was featured on the show. They had the poster on the wall.”

When asked what her favorite food was, Park Bo Young answered, “I like stews.” Yoo Min Sang remarked, “I don’t think you can eat a lot because of your small frame.” In response, Park Bo Young said, “I don’t eat a lot in one sitting. I eat one thing at a time, throughout the day.”

Park Bo Young also shared who she likes to eat with, mentioning Lee Kwang Soo. “He’s my meal buddy. When I have to leave in a hurry, I’ll call him so we can eat together,” the actress explained.

When asked about her cooking skills, the actress confidently stated, “I am pretty good at making tender galbijjim [braised short ribs].” She listed dakbokkeumtang (spicy braised chicken) and kimchijjigae (kimchi stew) as two other dishes she is good at as well.

She also mentioned how her perception of drinking has changed. She stated, “I didn’t really like the taste of alcohol in the past but I’m starting to enjoy it now. Before, I wanted to go home after half a beer but now I drink somaek [mixed drink of soju and beer].”

After the meal was over, she told the others, “I had a great time. It’s been a while since I enjoyed meal time this much.”

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