On August 31, Mnet’s “Produce 48” came to a bittersweet end, revealing the final lineup of the 12 members who would debut in its new girl group IZ*ONE.

After the live finale, many of the IZ*ONE members took to social media to thank their fans and share their thoughts ahead of their upcoming debut.

Starship Entertainment’s Jang Won Young, who took No. 1 in the final round of the competition and was officially crowned the center of IZ*ONE, shared a message of gratitude on her agency’s official Instagram account.

She wrote, “National producers, this is Starship’s Jang Won Young. First, thank you so much for joining me on the long journey of ‘Produce 48’ up until the very end! The support of the national producers always gave me a great deal of strength!

“Thank you for giving me such a valuable opportunity! I will work hard!! Please continue to look after me!!! Thank you!!!”

WM Entertainment’s Lee Chae Yeon, who dramatically claimed the final spot in IZ*ONE at the very end of the show, also posted a message of gratitude to her fans on Instagram.

She wrote, “Hello, this is Chae Yeon. First, thank you so much to the national producers who have supported Lee Chae Yeon on ‘Produce 48’ for the past four months and also to the fans of WM’s trainees for supporting me until the very end.

“Ending up being able to debut in such a meaningful place, I still feel like I’m dreaming! I will show you good things on stage, so that not a single moment of the time I spent working hard [during my training] goes to waste! Please continue to keep an eye on me and cheer me on!! I truly thank you and love you.”

HKT48’s Miyawaki Sakura posted a celebratory selfie of herself with fellow IZ*ONE members Honda Hitomi and Yabuki Nako, as well as messages in Japanese, Korean, and English.

She wrote in her Korean message, “Thank you for cheering me on until the very end! This is all thanks to you! Please continue to look after me in the future!” She added in English, “Thank you for your support! I look forward to working with you!”

AKB48’s Honda Hitomi shared the same photo as Miyawaki Sakura and wrote in Korean, “Thank you to everyone who has watched ‘Produce 48’ up until now! The debut that I had longed for has been decided. I’m truly happy!!”

Starship Entertainment’s An Yu Jin posted a cute video of herself on Instagram and wrote, “Hello, this is Starship’s An Yu Jin! Thank you so much for giving me the gigantic gift of being able to debut! I still feel as though I’m dreaming. I will keep in mind the support that the national producers have given me, and I will work hard without forgetting my initial mindset! I will show you lots of different things through IZ*ONE in the future! National producers, please continue to look after me.”

HKT48’s Yabuki Nako also shared a cute photo of herself posing with Miyawaki Sakura and Honda Hitomi on Twitter.

She wrote in the caption in Korean, “Thank you for watching ‘Produce 48’ up until now. It’s thanks to the national producers that I ended up being able to debut in IZ*ONE. Please look after me in the future.”

Former SPEED member Sungmin, the older brother of Yuehua Entertainment’s Choi Ye Na, showed his support for his younger sister by thanking her fans on Instagram. The former idol posted a cute photo of his sister and wrote, “It’s thanks to you that my younger sister Choi Ye Na is now able to realize her dream of debuting. Thank you, everyone!”


Urban Works Media’s Kim Min Ju posted a video clip of her emotional acceptance speech from the live finale of “Produce 48” and wrote simply, “I will work hard.”


8D Creative’s Kang Hye Won also shared a screenshot of her acceptance speech on her agency’s Instagram account and wrote, “National producers! This is Kang Hye Won of ‘Produce 48.’ Thank you so much for all the love and generous support you’ve given me up until now! I will become a Kang Hye Won who continues to work hard in the future.”


Congratulations to all the members of IZ*ONE!

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