PENTAGON’s E’Dawn Opens Up To Fans About Recent Events

On September 7, E’Dawn wrote to his fans on PENTAGON’s official fan café.

This is his full post:

“Hello everyone, this is E’Dawn. I’m sorry that this message is so sudden, so late in coming, and in writing instead of in person. I had been excited to meet the fans at the fan club inauguration ceremony in August, and all of the members were excited and grateful for the opportunity. I wanted to address you all directly, but I was not able to attend.

“As a person who has said that I wanted to perform with confidence and show my sincerity, I’m sorry for disappearing all of a sudden and disappointing and confusing our fans. I’m so sorry that this is late and I don’t know if my words will reach you, but I wanted to share a little of what I’ve been thinking for the fans who would otherwise wait endlessly for news.

“Before this incident took place, I talked often with my members about whether my choices were right or wrong. Before any decision was made, I was afraid and unsure of myself. But since this was a choice I made for myself, I thought that it would be better to be honest rather than continue living a huge lie. That’s why I made up my mind to face everyone honestly.

“I wanted to keep my promise to the fans to meet them and give an honest performance, but I was unable to keep that promise during this last promotion. However, I’m glad that I was able to promote with my members and perform the music that we worked hard on. I will not be able to join them directly this time but I will always cheer on the fans and the members with the new album, which everyone worked hard on.

“One month was a long time for me. I worried that a lot of people would hate me at first, or feel hurt. I thought about a lot of different things during that time. I’m sad that this is the only way I can express my sincerity. I don’t know how we will be able to meet again, but stay healthy and I hope that only good things will happen to you all in future. I will be fine.

“I’m sorry. Thank you. I miss you. I will let you know of anything new if there is an opportunity.”

On August 22, Cube Entertainment announced that PENTAGON’s E’Dawn and Yan An would be taking a temporary hiatus from the group. Earlier that month, HyunA and E’Dawn had gone public with their relationship.

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