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The Korean remake of BBC’s “Luther” has confirmed the rest of its cast.

The cast of “Less than Evil” (also known as “Bad Detective”) consists of Shin Ha Kyun, Lee Seol, Park Ho San, Kim Geon Woo, Hong Eun Hee, Ryu Tae Ho, B1A4’s Baro, Bae Da Bin, Yoon Hee Suk, Kim Na Yoon, Bae Yoo Ram, Yang Ki Won, Cho Yi Hyun, and Bae Yoon Kyung.

Shin Ha Kyun was previously confirmed to play psychopathic, genius detective Woo Tae Suk. He will be working with rookie actress Lee Seol, who was cast as the female lead Eun Sun Jae, who secretly assists him in capturing criminals. The actress made her debut with web drama “Two Women Season 2” in 2016, and appeared in Kim Dong Ryul’s “Reply” music video alongside Hyun Bin.

Kim Geon Woo will be taking on the role of Jang Hyung Min, the serial killer who pretends to be a prosecutor and Woo Tae Suk’s greatest enemy. He is smart, has a great personality as well as stellar background, and uses his occupation to lead a double life. He and Woo Tae Suk will engage in an intense, exciting psychological games. The actor previously impressed viewers with his scene-stealing role in “Fight My Way.”

Hong Eun Hee will be playing lawyer Kim Hae Joon, Woo Tae Suk’s wife. This will be the actress’s first drama comeback in two years. Veteran actor Ryu Tae Ho’s character is the indecisive and timid head detective Choi Jung Woo, who can’t decide anything by himself. He will be working with Park Ho San’s character, Jun Choon Man, who bullies Woo Tae Suk to no end.

B1A4’s Baro previously confirmed his appearance as handsome Chae Dong Yoon, the straight-as-an-arrow detective who graduated early from the police academy. He respects Woo Tae Suk, the detective with the highest arrest rate.

Bae Da Bin’s character Shin Ga Young is a prickly police officer, and will show a bantering chemistry with Chae Dong Yoon. The actress is currently appearing in JTBC’s “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” as tomboy Kwon Yoon Byul.

Yoon Hee Suk will be playing Woo Tae Suk’s best friend and head of the PR department at the police station, Jo Doo Jin. As the moving force behind Woo Tae Suk’s decision to become a cop, he takes care of him as he goes through all sorts of trouble.

Bae Yoo Ram’s character Ban Ji Deuk uses her former IT programming skills to set up her own detective agency. She coincidentally meets Woo Tae Suk.

Bae Yoon Kyung, who made her debut through variety show “Heart Signal” and recently appeared on “The Miracle We Met,” will be playing Woo Tae Suk’s sister Woo Tae Hee. Rookie actress Cho Yi Hyun will be taking on the role of Bae Yeo Wool, the victim of a case that Woo Tae Suk can’t forget.

Kim Na Yoon and Yang Ki Won will be playing two of Woo Tae Suk’s colleagues. Kim Na Yoon’s character is Team Leader Sung, the head of the forensic investigative team, while Yang Ki Won’s character is officer Lee Moon Ki, a policeman on Woo Tae Suk’s team.

The production staff stated, “We have completed the cast line-up that fits perfectly with each of their characters. The ensemble of actors have their own, unique personality and acting. With their addition, ‘Less than Evil’ has become a more full and abundant drama. Please look forward to it.”

“Less than Evil” is slated to air this winter.

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