Hyeri Shares Thoughts On Her Upcoming First Historical Film, Public Image, And More

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri recently talked about how she felt about her upcoming movie “Monstrum,” her public image, and more.

When asked about how it felt to see herself on screen for her first movie, Hyeri replied, “Before I watched the movie, the people around me told me, ‘You’ll only see yourself and not the movie,’ and I understood that 100 percent. It was my first time seeing it at the premiere, but I was so nervous that I didn’t even know who was next to me. It was the first time I’ve seen my face on a big screen other than on an ad. It felt totally different from then. It was like when I first made my debut on TV.”

Hyeri was asked if filming a movie was different from filming a drama, and she responded, “I had no idea that it would be so different. The screen is definitely different from the TV. I thought that was why they made each detailed shot. Until now, I only watched movies for amusement, but now, I will watch them with respect.”

Hyeri talked about how she felt about a historical film being her first movie. She commented, “The historical genre is unfamiliar to me, and I wondered if it would fit me. It was like I had met an unknown world. I felt hopeless at first. I felt burdened about the fact that it was a historical film, rather than the fact it was a movie with monsters in it. So I thought I’d work hard to make my character.”

Hyeri was praised for looking great in her movie costume, which was ragged Korean traditional clothing. She said, “If it looks good on me, then it’s a success. I originally have a strong image, so I wondered how I could reduce that and be more like my character, but I got help from my outward appearance. I’d rather be told that I gave up on my looks.”

Then she went on to explain more about her image, saying, “I felt like I was more of an entertainer, and I was a singer, so I was worried about whether I could fit in a historical drama. Contrary to the other actors, I was first known to the public for ‘Real Men,’ ‘Reply 1988,’ and my Girl’s Day activities. I think I was worried about distraction, since I am active in various areas.”

When the interviewer assured her, saying, “Although you’re worried about your image being distracting, I don’t think it’s easy to accomplish things in many areas,” Hyeri responded gratefully, saying, “I’m glad you think so.” Then she added, “I don’t plan for my future. I make good choices when the time comes. That’s why I’ve never felt much regret. I think I’m making [my own future]. I think I’d be very happy if I was liked with that kind of mentality on variety shows, movies, and as a singer. Instead of being satisfied here, I want to show better sides of me.”

“Monstrum” is a historical thriller about a mysterious monster that spreads a contagious disease and terrorizes the entire Joseon Kingdom. It is scheduled to premiere on September 13. In the meantime, check out the latest poster and trailer for the film here!

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