Jo In Sung Comments On Reactions To His “Radio Star” Appearance

Jo In Sung shared his thoughts on appearing on variety shows.

On September 13, the actor met with Korean media outlet YTN for an interview to promote his latest film “The Great Battle,” which is his first movie in a year after “The King.”

“The Great Battle” tells the story of the 88 days of battle in Ansi City, which is known as the most dramatic and greatest victory in the history of wars in East Asia. Jo In Sung appears as Yang Man Chun, lwho tries to protect his fortress and the people in the action-filled blockbuster.

Ahead of the film’s premiere, Jo In Sung and his film co-stars Bae Sung Woo, Park Byung Eun, and Nam Joo Hyuk appeared on the September 12 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star.” The episode became a hot topic after it aired.

When asked about the various reactions from viewers after the episode aired, Jo In Sung said, “I didn’t expect it. Yesterday, I could only watch it for 20 minutes because I had to attend an event. My mom watched it though.” He added with a smile, “I think I may have been too talkative.”

On his reason for appearing on “Radio Star,” Jo In Sung explained, “Various projects premiere this Chuseok. In order to survive amongst them, you must make [variety show appearances]. I really wanted to try my best for ‘The Great Battle.'”

He continued, “‘Radio Star’ isn’t a place you can suddenly go on. You have to do a pre-interview and go on the designated date. Fortunately, my close friend Cha Tae Hyun is also there [as an MC], so I was able to appear on the show. It was a fun experience.”

He added, “I’m not against appearing on variety shows. If they ask me to come on the show, I appear. I’ve always done that. Of course, I shouldn’t overdo it.”

“The Great Battle” will premiere on September 19. Check out the latest episode of “Radio Star” below!

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