QUIZ: Which SEVENTEEN Member Is Your BFF?

You’ve probably figured out who from SEVENTEEN is boyfriend material, and who is husband material (yes, they’re different!), but have you figured out who is your ultimate BFF? The one who you’ll be calling in the dead of the night just ’cause you can’t sleep, or the one who’s house you’ll go to and just camp out there ’cause you’ve got nothing else better to do?

Take the quiz below and find out!

Who did you get? And even if that’s not exactly who you wanted, just remember, they run on a 1+12 system. (ie. make friends with one, you’ll get the other 12 too!)

Belinda_C wants, nay, needs as much SEVENTEEN content as possible! More, more, more! Shinhwa too!

Currently watching:Law of the Jungle in Sabah,” “Unexpected Q,” and SVT’s V Lives for the Nth time.
All-time favorite:Running Man
Looking forward to: “New Journey To The West” — Even the preview is hilarious!

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